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Apple Foldable Display Patent Comes as Next Innovation

Apple foldable display patent finally gets filed. The new flip phones are not far from becoming a reality.

What Prompted Apple Foldable Display?

The increase in phone screen sizes does not necessarily add more space to our pockets. Therefore, companies need to find out a way to fit them into our pockets. Thus, the idea about new flip phones is to make them squeezable. It would be more of like folding a piece of paper and keeping it in your pocket.

Multiple Uses Intended for Apple Foldable Display

The iPhone maker knows that new flip phones are not the only devices to get benefit from this technology. Therefore, Apple foldable display patent also includes other devices like tablets, computer laptops, and cellular telephones. We also know that the company also makes terrific smartwatches. So, bendable screen option is pretty much applicable to those devices too. So, if the company wants to make this tech available, it may incorporate it into other devices also. There are no confirmations about the specifics of the new iPhone. However, it suggests that iPhone 9 may get a foldable display.

Material for Foldable Display

The company plans to use an amorphous metal or memory alloy (that can retain shapes) to create a bendable screen. The device may also have an opening for easy bending of the invention.

There are rumors in the smartphone industry that the company would probably use OLED. Although, we are all familiar with Apple’s struggle with OLED screen displays. Apple also has the patent to make a device that rolls like a scroll. However, it reflects a change of plans with new license indicating a bend around the axis.

Apple Foldable Display Patent Comes as Next Innovation

Samsung Also Considering Foldable Screen

Apple is not the only company contemplating with the idea of foldable screens. Samsung has already announced that it would launch a foldable screen phone. The South Korean company plans to come to the market with its bendable version by 2018. There are some apparent problems that the company wants to overcome before it can pave the way for the launch.

This idea of the bendable display is not new for the company. It is working on creating such smartphones since 2013. Thus, like its competitor, Samsung wants to be there when the consumers can have the bendable screen phones in their hands.

Technical Problems to Overcome in New Flip Phones and Screens

There are some technical problems that experts believe make it difficult for smartphone manufacturers to create flexible displays.

Overcome Fatigue and Stress

The flexible parts are difficult to manufacture. There involves a lot of stress and fatigue. It is not easy to find such materials which could withstand those pressures.

Flexibility of Form Factor

The smartphone manufacturers have to come up with a flexible form factor. They have to create devices that can display images, graphics, and videos with crystal clarity. Many bendable devices could not make it to mainstream because of the grainy picture or poor graphics clarity.

Selection of Right Material

The smartphone manufacturers are experimenting with different technologies to create that correctly folding screen. Typical material choices include TFT, OLED, and LCD. The need remains to find that perfect balance of flexibility, longer life, and ability to retain shape after more extended usage.

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