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New Apple Repair Policy Allows Businesses to Repair iPhones

A new Apple repair policy will allow more independent businesses to offer repair services to iPhone users. The tech giant will allow phone repair businesses to buy genuine phone parts from it.

The New Apple Repair Policy is A Bold Step Forward

Traditionally Apple has been very conservative with providing phone repair business with tools or genuine parts to repair iPhone fearing people may use poor repair methods. The company also risked the technology theft.

For many this is a very bold step forward. Before revision of the Apple’s repair policy, iPhone users either had to buy a new phone or go to an authorized iPhone retailer/repair shop who most often had to ship the iPhone back to Apple to get it replaced or repaired.

According to the new policy, any independent phone repair shops that wish to provide iPhone customer with repair services just need to hire an Apple certified technician. To apply for the certificate, the business needs to fill out a training application form and need the employee to report to the nearest Apple training facility. The entire process from start to finish will be governed by Apple and will be free of cost.

There Are Certain Drawbacks of This Policy

Despite the bold move, these businesses will still face limitations regarding repairs. The revised policy authorizes a relevant business to repair or replace certain parts like the display screen or speakers. For major problems like software issues or internal component replacement, you need to send the phone to the company.

What Are Tech Enthusiasts Saying On It

An expert while commenting on the Apple’s decision reportedly said:” thought it is very refreshing to see apple make such a move, we need to remember that such half hand in and half hand out the type of policy has a short expiry date with a lot of limitations.”

There is also an opinion that to truly move forward, Apple needs to provide better accessibility to repair services; otherwise, it may start losing customers.

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