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Apple Likely to Release MacBook Air with Lower Price Tag

Do you wish to have an Apple MacBook Air but can’t purchase one due to money constraints? If so, then a tight budget can’t’ keep you from buying a popular Apple product as the tech giant is allegedly going to lower its MacBook Air prices.

MacBook Air Prices to Get Lower in 2018

According to the analyst Ming-Chi Kou’s analysis on Apple’s supply chain, tech giant is planning to release a MacBook Air in a lower price. Kou says that Apple will bring an affordable MacBook to the market in the second quarter of 2018. If the predictions of Kou come true, then many customers will be able to afford the 13-inches MacBook Air which is a popular gadget among the college students.

Motive Behind Lowering the Prices of MacBook Air

Apple will allegedly lower the prices of its MacBook Air line to see it in more hands. Reports suggest that releasing the said product in a lower price will increase its shipment demand from 10 to 15 %. Currently, the 13 inches MacBook Air sells at $999 and $1199 depending upon specifications.

Ming-Chi Kou also opined about the popularity of Air Pods and forecasted for the next model to generate a strong supply chain reaction. Last year Apple also faced supply chain issues at the time of iPhone 8 release. Its smartphones were initially made available to limited customers.

Reports also suggest that demand of the Apple’s HomePod is mediocre according to Ming-Chou Ko Analysis.

MacBook Air

Apple’s Strategy to Sell More  

It is not possible to say much about the likely lowering of MacBook Air prices by Apple. The device is popular among young customers. Hence, making it available for them with a cheaper price tag will drive its demand.

Previously, company also faced the controversy for deliberately slowing down its iPhone to increase the demand and sales for its new iPhones.

How Apple will Cope with Increased Demand?

It seems that coping up with demand has never remained a problem for the Apple. Last year, the company tried hard to meet the iPhone X demand. The company has also faced criticism in past for indirectly pressurizing the labors at FoxConn in China, Apple’s manufacturing unit. Well, we hope that Apple’s supply chain is as sustainable as its supply chain reaction is fast enough to meet the ever-increasing the demand.

As far as the expected lowering of MacBook Air price is concerned then the news is a fresh blow of the air for those who want to buy the product but their wallet doesn’t permit to do so.

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