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Apple May Give iPhone 9 Folding Display

The release of iPhone 8 is on the cards. However, the iPhone enthusiasts are always eyeing products in the pipeline. A new leak unveils the possibility for Apple to give iPhone 9 folding display.

Apple, last Thursday, filed a new patent containing details about a potentially physical product. The patent showcases a device with a retractable display.

Design of iPhone 9 Folding Display

IPhone 9 Display ConceptThe first image is shown in the diagram clearly portrays a folding and retractable screen. The screen will unroll from two cylindrical housing units. There can be many reasons why Apple might want to introduce iPhone 9 folding display.

The first, as leader of the smartphone world, Apple wants to stay ahead of the curve. This initiative of working on the folding display means Apple is not shy to work on technologies other smartphone OEMs consider a risk.

Second, Apple understands the smartphone users’ demand of having a bigger display. The extendable display gives more space to the end users to view more multimedia content on a larger screen.

Purpose of Introducing Retractable Folding Display for iPhone 9

Apple may have overcome the technical problems which other smartphone manufacturers face in getting the foldable display right. Apple rumors and speculations suggest that the company will introduce iPhone 9 with an OLED screen.

Apple is reportedly using bistable metals which become once stretched. However, the metals snapped back to make the OLED display more flexible. There are rumors of Apple using two magnetic locks to ensure the iPhone 9 display does not mistakenly get unrolled.

Use of Stereoscopic Cameras

Stereoscopic Cameras in Iphone 9Smartphone design experts believe that the two cylindrical housing units each have a camera. The unfolded display keeps the two cameras farthest apart. The distance between the two cameras gives the perfect angle to both cameras for photographing stereoscopic images.

The possibility of Apple getting out this display by 2018 is still considered a far-flung possibility. There is a little supply of the flexible OLED display panels. Similarly, the entire factories manufacturing the Apple phones would need to upgrade their processes completely. This upgrading of manufacturing process does take not only time but also an investment. Currently, Samsung is one of the leading suppliers of foldable OLED display panels. Apple, to compete with Samsung, needs to keep on upgrading its technology.

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