Friday, December 8, 2023
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Here Is How Apple’s Pre-Order Apps Feature Can Benefit You

Apple has just launched its pre-order apps feature which is going to be a game changer for developers. The move would make it possible for users to pre-order iOS 11 apps, before 90 days of their release.

The change might seem ordinary; but it carries a long-term impact on app developers and user’s experience.

Let’s have a look at what this pre-order apps feature is all about and how it can benefit you.

How pre-ordering of apps works?

The working mechanism of the feature is simple. You would be able to see any upcoming app’s product page and then place an order. The option equally works for paid as well as free apps. On the release date, you would receive notification, after which app will start downloading automatically.

Placing an early order before the release doesn’t mean you wouldn’t be able to reverse the decision in case of price changes. You would receive notification regarding these modifications.

Who Can Benefit From Pre-Order Apps

Analysts say that enthusiastic gamers are going to benefit most from the feature; as they would not only receive the latest updates but also become able of playing their favorite games soon after their release. Well, the function has got something for all the users who are living a life powered by apps. Knowledge about the same kind of apps would allow them making a comparison. Eventually, they would end up downloading the best apps.

Apple introduces pre order apps feature

Overall, Apple’s move is going to benefit the users who can now get an enhanced user experience. Further, they can have access to enough insights to decide for a better app, mainly when they have to make a payment.

A Tough Competition for Developers

Apple has recently made many strict attempts like the killing of slow apps to improve the user’s experience. The recent change has also made things tough for developers by increasing competition. At one hand developers can launch teaser campaigns in the form of the pre-order feature, but at the same times, they risk an early exposure. Well, it all depends upon how much users can experience in the form of app page to decide the pre-order. But, developers must realize that ability of users to place an earlier order would make them compete for offering the quality products at lower prices. Pre-order feature would also enable developers in gathering insights about customers’ interest.

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