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Apple Response to the High iPhone X Demand

Apple fans are not particularly happy about the new iPhone X’s unavailability. There is a high iPhone X demand in the market, but customers have to wait in the US until December for their new iOS-driven smartphone. Although, as usual, people at Apple are happy about the high iPhone X demand.

Apple Working Harder to Meet High iPhone X Demand

The company did not become one of the most favorite smartphone manufacturers in the world overnight. It had to evolve to meet the changing customers’ needs consistently. A company spokesperson said that Apple is working hard to make sure that the new smartphone reaches into the hands of every customer. Furthermore, he added that the company would keep accepting more orders.

Availability of iPhone X

Since the company plans to sell as many smartphones as possible, it is trying to make it available in different parts of the world. Apple expects to meet high iPhone X demand by quickly supplying the phone in the first week of November. It plans to provide the phones to all the stores across the world by the morning of 3rd November at around 8:00 am. It will also ensure to offer it to its retail partners and carriers.

Apple Response to the High iPhone X DemandSo What’s Driving the High iPhone X Demand?

There is a long wait for customers across the world. However, in the US and the UK, Apple fans have to wait from 4 to 6 weeks before they can get their new smartphone. Similarly, the online stores in Hong Kong were able to sell (preorders) the new phone in less than half an hour.

The new smartphone has moved away from the conventional design philosophy with a complete revamp. It has a massive 5.8 inches display with the end-to-end screen. The use of A11 Bionic Chip adds more processing power to it. It has a dual 12 megapixels’ camera on the back. On the front, it features 7-megapixel True-Depth camera.

Fears of Supply-Demand Issue Becoming True

The long wait suggests that the company may be finding it hard to manage OLED supplies crisis. There is a possible shortage of the displays to make the new iPhone X. Therefore, it is not difficult to perceive that there may be further delays and wait times for many customers. If the demand rises further, some industry experts suggest that it may move the availability a bit more also.

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