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Apple Self Driving Car Spotted in California

An Apple self driving car is spotted in California as per a report. If this report turns out to be true it means Apple self driving car is already in progress. The company already has got state clearance and now it is planning to launch the car. The anonymous source behind the leaks shared pictures and GIFs.

Details of Apple Self Driving Car leaked

The images reveal a lot of information about the Apple self driving car. The vehicle of choice by Apple is a Lexus RX450h fitted with cameras, sensors, and other equipment.

The report also reveals the use of LiDAR sensors manufactured by Velodyne. Other companies working on self-driving also use the LiDAR sensors.

The fact that Apple self driving car is relying on hardware from other sources means the company is not working itself on it.  Google is working on the hardware aspect of autonomous vehicles with its spinoff Waymo.

Apple as per reports is focusing on developing the software behind its autonomous platform. The reports also speculate that once Apple finishes the autonomous platform, it may start focusing on other development aspects.

Apple’s Progress So Far on Autonomous Vehicles

Apple had to take some steps before reaching its current stage of developing self driving cars.

First, Apple got permission from the California DMV for testing three self driving Lexus SUVs in California streets.

Second, the company plans were unearthed by accessing public records that the company is working on “Apple Autonomous System.”

It seems a lot is going behind the scenes for the development of Apple self driving car.

Google’s Take on Self Driving Cars

Apple Self Driving Car Spotted in CaliforniaGoogle’s Waymo is working with Zoox Inc to run tests using the same Lexus SUV model.  There is a small chance this vehicle may be the Google’s self driving cars project.

Self Driving Cars and Future of Driving

Many advocates of the self driving cars say that it will change the automotive industry in unique ways. Roads will become a lot safer to travel, offer more free time to commuters, and will potentially reshape the cities.

The congestion of traffic is a major problem in the major cities of the world. Autonomous vehicles will also help overcome the problem of too many cars on the road. If all goes according to the plan, autonomous vehicles will contribute to overcoming the traffic congestion issue.

Some estimates suggest that autonomous vehicles market will grow to $42 billion by the year 2025. Some of the instruments used by autonomous vehicles include radar, sensors, cameras, and a GPS unit.

There are still challenges faced by the autonomous vehicle manufacturers. A few weeks ago one of the Uber’s self-driving cars had an accident with an oncoming vehicle. So autonomous vehicle makers will have to look into and resolve these problems potentially causing accidents.

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