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Biggest Leak in History- Apple Source Code Goes Online

An anonymous person posted the Apple source code online on Github, stirring another controversy for the smartphone giant. According to experts the online posting of the secret source code of an integral component of iOS might be the biggest leak in history.

Leak of the Apple Source Code

It was the Apple’s iBoot source code that got posted online. iBoot is an integral component of the iOS, Apple’s operating system. It ensures that an iPhone turns on safely and securely. According to experts open access to Apple source code that leaked online may expose the system to vulnerabilities and make it easy for savvy users to jailbreak their devices.

As per the latest updates, Apple has requested Github to take down the source code from its website. The code is no more available on Github.

Security Breach of Apple’s iPhones

The online posting of Apple Source Code, might not affect the end users. According to mainstream expert opinions, the iBoot source code that released online is three years old. Further, it also belongs to the devices older than iOS 10. Hence, users who have iOS 9 iPhones or older might need to upgrade the security of their devices. Reports also suggest that some parts of iOS 11 might also be using the same resource code of Github.

It should be noted that Apple has made few parts of iOS and MacOS codes public. But iBoot codes are not open source. And public doesn’t have access to them. Further, the bugs spotted in Apple’s iBoot are more valuable. Apple can reward up to $200,000 for reporting any bugs in iBoot.

Apple Source Code

Such a significance of iBoot shows that Apple source code gets posted online is not a negligible event. Jonathan Levine, the author of books on iOS and Mac OSX, termed this as the biggest leak in history, reported Motherboard.

Another Controversy for the Apple

Online leak of the Apple source code might cause another controversy for the tech giant. The company recently faced backlash for on the pretext of ensuring uninterrupted performance. But, the recent incident that might lead to any security breach is again making the company accountable for the safe status of its iPhone devices.

According to reports, the Apple is of the opinion that security of its devices is not dependent upon the secrecy of its code. The company’s products come with built-in hardware and software protection layers. Further, it also expects the users to upgrade to the latest security software to ensure a safe and smooth use.

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