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Here are the 3 Top Announcements by Apple at WWDC 2022

The WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) is the biggest event where the tech giant Apple introduces new devices, discloses software and hardware upgrades, and announces the upcoming projects as well.  The recent conference is from June 6 to 10 in which the company has already revealed, on Monday, a lot about their planning and latest innovations in the tech world. Aside from many announcements, some are left for another year as well. Apple users might have to wait for a few things until 2023.

iOS 16 At WWDC 2022

In the list of major features at the WWDC, Apple announced and showcased the imminent iPhone operating system. The company explained the features of iOS 16 that are technologically advanced. Unlike the previous OS, the 16th version will allow users to edit the already sent messages. Since embarrassing typos are very commonly done by users, the editing and unsending messages feature seem to fit right for apple users. They will be able to customize the lock screens of their iPhones which they couldn’t do in the previous iOS. Other than that, the notification settings have been upgraded too in the new iOS 16. They will be displayed at the bottom so that the lock screen doesn’t get filled up. Reportedly, the new OS will be launched along with the highly rumored iPhone 14.

The MacBook Air

Apple has redesigned its MacBook Air with the addition of an M2 chip. The air is going to be slimmer than in previous models. It will be 11mm thin and weigh 2.7 pounds uniformly. WWDC 2022 turned out to be good for Mac users. The reason is that the company has finally decided to increase the size of the screen after ages. It will have a 13.6-inch Liquid Retina display. Even with the M2 in GPU and performance per Watt, the machine will have a good and long-lasting battery backup.

Also, the macOS Ventura was introduced at the WWDC which offers multiple features like drag-and-drop multitasking, Spotlight searching to incorporate web images, and more detailed information on movies and music.

What’s Not Coming This Year?

Sadly for Apple users, the VR/AR headset was skipped at WWDC 2022. No announcement means no launch of the product. The important thing is that the handset was among the most awaited apple products including the cheapest iPad 2022. The reason behind the delay is the Shanghai lockdown that has disturbed the development of the product. It might be launched in 2023.

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