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Apple XS, XS Max and XR Is Your Path Towards Instant Upgrade!

Here’s a good news for all the iOS fans, you might have heard about the new range of Apple XS but have you heard what it offers you now! After introducing the Bluetooth system in the smartphones, now Apple has come up with an all-new dual sim feature in the new range of Apple XS, XS Max. Apple has now deliberately focused on the need of the users who want to avail the dual sim feature as well. Whereas, Apple XR is the affordable series by Apple. This series is especially for those who want to avail the features of iOS in an economical price range.

Amazing Features Of Apple XS

You might be wondering that what else does Apple XS is offering, well now I am going to tell you about the “significant features” of Apple XS and XS Max. And, there seems a significant upgrade than those of iPhone 7 specs.

  • It offers you a widescreen, and according to the developers of iOS Screen creates the difference.
  • Selfie enables the photographer to appear in the picture himself and Apple XS is enabling more focused, brighter and purer selfie.
  • Editing options won’t let you use photoshop and it already has all the cool editing options.
  • Metallic body and more colorful graphics are also a part of the enhanced approach by Apple

Dual Sim Feature

It was the dual sim feature which grabbed my attention. This is not new that Apple never promoted dual sim feature when every other mobile brand was introducing it. Yet now it has adopted this feature in Apple XS and XS Max but why?

Old IOS users will grasp the idea which I want to present that before iPhone 6S there was no such feature which could enable the Bluetooth sharing. All out of the sudden Apple introduced this feature to increase the price and worth of their smartphones. I remember 6S was one of the most popular models in its range.

The question aires here that is it a strategy to enhance the revenue or its just another way of comforting users and that it!

What Is Being Offered in the Shape of Apple XR?

According to the Apple’s official site. Apple XR is the new way to provide the iOS to everyone. Most of the people don’t buy iPhone as they can afford the flagships but this is a new way to reach out to all the Apple fans. So that they won’t have to sell their kidneys for buying a new iPhone! Funny thing is that this model offers much less than Apple XS and XS Max but still the price of this product is not that much less!

Every Apple fan is excited now about the new features and the concept which has been introduced in the market in the form of Apple XS. but I am still thinking that what is the actual purpose of dual sim, just a way to give the user an instant upgrade(which Android has given to its users many years ago) or there is no new feature which could be invented by the great iOS developers? Still, you can buy your favorite Apple XS range and give yourself an instant upgrade as Apple will start shipping in mid of September.

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