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All You Need to Know About Apple’s iPhone 11 Features

Apple’s iPhone 11 release is just around the corner. Users still don’t know much about what the new flagship of this hyped-about tech brand is going to be all about. Most of the information available about the specs, design, some innovative features, and even the name has come from the rumors mill.

So What Are the Specs of Apple’s iPhone 11

Keeping all the rumors aside we will only talk about the information which is reported by most of the technology platforms and seems to be confirmed.

Starting with bad news for tech enthusiasts there is nothing much in terms of innovation in Apple’s iPhone 11 except the buyers will be able to boast in front of their friends that they have bought a brand new iPhone 11. According to reports most of the much needed and differentiating features like 5G compatibility, foldable display design or some enhanced AR/VR applications are definitely not a part of this year’s flagship.

Cutting a long story short, this year it is the three-cameras arrangement on the corner and iOS 13 which is going to make the new model different from the 2018 version. Earlier rumors suggested that each camera will have a separate function but the latest information available in various tech-websites leads to the conclusion that rear cameras will work in unison to give a high-resolution image. Maybe, Apple is trying to offer a total replacement of professional DSLR cameras. The feature despite being lucrative is going to eclipse the classy design of this phone.

Mentionable Upgrades

Users are very well aware of the controversial slow-down of Apple’s iPhone. It seems that the smartphone giant is trying to resolve this issue by coming up with 2% to 20% faster battery. Further, there are also more rumors backed by images showing pencil support in iPhone 11. A new Taptic Engine is likely to replace the old pressure-sensitive 3D-Touch. The phone will also have a colorful display with rainbow colors. Apple’s iPhone 11 will also have faster A13 Processors. Now when the company has acquired Intel, it is likely to come up with more powerful processors in the coming years.

About the Name of the New iPhone

It is not sure whether any size in the new iPhone series will have a pre-fix of ‘Pro’. As per most of the reports, this year’s new release line-up will have the names of iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max and iPhone 11 R. Many publications are also mentioning the name as iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Pricing and Release Date

Till now there is no official announcement from the company about Apple’s iPhone 11 pricing. Experts are making guesses on the basis of the previous models that typically start at $999 for a standard 5.8 inches screen and 68GB internal storage with 3GB RAM. This year there doesn’t seem any solid reason for Apple to up the prices of its flagship phones as it is not offering any update but there might be some impact of US-China trade wars.

As per most of the reports iPhone 11 is likely to release on September 10.

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