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How to Apply for a Guinness World Record in 2018

Many people think it impossible to make a Guinness world record- especially when they are an ordinary citizen. Well, they are right in their thinking; after all, how is it possible for them to achieve something extraordinary when they are not a sportsperson, a business person or someone doing some research or studying in any field. All they do is to spend 8 hours of a day in earning a living and then go to bed for taking rest. The life doesn’t seem to be gracious enough to offer them an opportunity to shine.

But, is that all? The answer is no.

It is possible to find a way to stand distinguished despite leading such a monotonous life. And, the Guinness World record offers you this opportunity. You only need to explore what you are good at. And, then apply for making a history out of your specialty.

Steps to Apply for Guinness World Record

Luckily, records are not reserved for sportspersons, film stars, business persons, students or those who belong to a specific field only. You can make a record of too much sleeping, too much eating, too much laughing or anything you think to be in your jurisdiction or record making.

And, the process is not something as severe as becoming a navy seal.

1. Look for Available Records

First of all, you have to look for available records. And, then you have to spot which of these possible records fall within your limits. And, there are myriad of things you can do to become distinguished. You don’t even need to wink mischievously like South Indian beauty Priya Prakash Varrier for making record-breaking viral videos.

It is entirely possible for you to get your hands on something that you can do. For this purpose, you have to register yourself on Guinness world record website.

2. Apply For a Record

Now, when you have found a record, you can quickly make, or it is something possible for you, apply for it. Keep in mind that your application will need time for approval. The organization of Guinness world record receives up to 1000 requests in one week. So, chances are high for the application process to take a long time. Usually, it takes 12 weeks or so for an application to approve.

You can apply for another record if the previous one is not available.

Guinness World Record

3. Submission of Evidence

Another significant thing in the regard is the submission of evidence. After the approval of the application, the organization sends the evidence guidelines to candidates. Applicants can submit their proof online. Further, they can also request an adjudicator to witness the record making process.

The process of evidence review can also take up to 12 weeks or even more during the period of high demand.

4. Applying on Priority Basis

Waiting for the 12 weeks’ time frame is not such a compulsion. Those who immediately want their name to get listed can ask for priority application review service and priority evidence review service. In the same way, applicants can also higher the consultancy services to submit the best application according to guidelines so that they can succeed in the first attempt.

And, yes one doesn’t have to be the largest animal in the world for making a Guinness world record. All a person needs is to be careful enough to apply for the right thing.

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