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Police Finds Arbys Manager Pissing Inside Milkshake Mix

Vancouver Police said they discovered a video of a 29-year-old man urinating into a bag of milkshake mix at fast food restaurant Arby’s. According to reports, he was a manager at the joint who was recently arrested for being involved in child porn. Arbys manager Steven Sharp has appeared before the court twice.

Arbys Manager has Sexual Interest in Children

The police were executing a search warrant on his phone as part of an investigation into alleged child sex abuse images. They found a 16-second video of the Arbys manager pissing inside a milkshake mix that was probably served to dozens of customers.

Previously Sharp was arrested and brought to court on 11th March on allegations of having child abuse images. Then on the 13th, he again appeared in court on another allegation of second-degree assault with sexual intent.

Sharp also confessed to the police that he has a sexual interest in children and he procured and distributed child porn.

Why Did He Piss Inside Milkshake Mix?

According to reports, the alleged video’s metadata revealed that it was recorded on 30th October 2021. Arby’s manager was working alone in the night shift and confessed that he did the bizarre act for sexual satisfaction. Sharp also said he pissed in the bag twice and then threw it away. He told the police that if he did not throw it out, the morning shift would have added it to the new mix and served it to people.

The next shift’s manager told the police that they sold 1 ice cream float and at least 30 milkshakes the next day. Police did not find any evidence suggesting that anyone else at Arby’s or its owner knew about the “abhorrent actions” of Sharp. However, they confirmed that Sharp was not working there anymore.

Will He Receive Punishment?

According to a local public health director, there was no “significant health risk” after consuming anything contaminated with urine. Nonetheless, the court reportedly raised the bail amount of the Arbys manager. Previously it was 5,000 USD, but after the latest discoveries, it has become 40,000 USD. He is scheduled to be prosecuted on 25th May.

In total, Steven Sharp is facing 4 counts of “possession of depictions of a minor engaged in sexually explicit conduct”, 4 counts of “distributing depictions of a minor engaged in sexually explicit conduct”, and 1 count of “second-degree assault”.

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