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Dr. Arif Alvi Gets Trolled for Tweeting about His Favorite Pakistani Film

President of Pakistan, Dr. Arif Alvi just mentioned about his favorite Pakistani film from recent years and his critics lost their mind. For many people, the President of Pakistan should have better things to do than wasting his time watching a film.

Arif Alvi on His Favorite Pakistani Film

In his tweet, Arif Alvi talked about watching Jawani Phir Nahi Ani, a Pakistani film that did a record business in cinema. Talking about the film Mr. Alvi opined that it was an excellent production and he was glad that Pakistani cinema was catching up.

Response to Dr. Alvi’s Tweet On Film

What appeared to be a normal expression and a mere appreciation of Pakistani cinema was looked like an unnecessary thing to come from President of Pakistan by his critics. In fact, his opponents who seemed to be supporters of PML-N the party in opposition went so far in their comments.

They asked him to think for the betterment of the country

One viewer asked him to think for the betterment of the country or he will be in the list containing likes of Mamnoon Hussain if he started wasting his time in watching films.

So, what if he was president does that mean he shouldn’t watch the film? Few people were right to point this but they were also happy that their President didn’t watch an Indian film.

And, haters were not willing to favor the prospect of President of Pakistan talking about a film through tweet.

Just an Endeavor to Promote Pakistani Cinema

Pakistani cinema is doing tough struggle for its revival. So, in such context, a tweet encouraging and appreciating the filmmakers about their efforts, that too from the President of the country can play its role to boost the confidence of those associated with the local film industry and this could be the motive of Dr. Arif Alvi.

Needless Criticism

Unfortunately, not only in Pakistan but also in the rest of the world people have become habitual of criticising their opponents for no reason. They just look for something which can tarnish their image. PTI government is indeed doing many mistakes like the removal of Atif Mian from Economic Advisory Council etc. but its leaders shouldn’t be targeted for everything merely for the purpose of spreading a baseless propaganda. And, so a president talking about a film should never be a taboo.

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