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Armenia and Azerbaijan Clashes Continue over Disputed Territory

Armenia and Azerbaijan clashes started on Sunday (27th September) over the Nagorno-Karabakh territory which is disputed between the two countries for decades. The international community has called to end all the hostilities but the forces of both nations have continued their fighting over the next day.

Both aggressors are practicing a full-blown war with heavy artillery. They accuse each other of starting the fight. Azerbaijan forces stated that they retaliated when Armenia started shelling the town of Terter while Armenia stated that these were Azeri forces that launched an airstrike and fired rounds from heavy artillery. It is not clear who attacked who first but the total death count has reached 32 over the course of two days.

The Worst Armenia And Azerbaijan Clashes In History

The current war poses a great danger to the stability of South Caucasus region which is a vital corridor for pipelines to carry oil and gas to the international market. Both parties are clashing since 1990s for the same region. International community called for ceasefire which brought temporary stability to Nagorno-Karabakh (NK) after 1994. However, after 20 years they did the world’s deadliest violation of ceasefire in 2016 which took unspecified number of lives.

The current situation at breakaway region is considered even more deadly than 2016 war. Azeri officials have claimed that Armenian forces have violated the Fourth Geneva Convention 1949 which orders to protect civilians during the war situation. They have accused Armenia of targeting innocent civilian and their homes in the disputed region.

Armenia on the other hand, maintained that they have been trying to remain peaceful over the matter of NK and opined that Azerbaijan was ignoring the concerns of locals, and Armenian authorities.

Armenia also blamed Turkey for supporting the Azeri cause with Turkish weapons. They alleged that Turkey has been annihilating Armenian people for centuries and now they are pursuing that same genocidal approach through Azerbaijan.

Armenian Government constantly warned that the Turkish-Azerbaijan alliance would be destructive for Armenia. Allegedly, Turkey has also recruited foreign terrorists to support Azerbaijan in this war.

Released Footages From The Conflict

In an over-glorification of war, both countries released footages of destroying each other’s armed forces. Armenian forces allegedly destroyed some Azeri vehicles and soldiers by Kamikaze attack.

Azerbaijan also released a footage in which it destroyed Armenian Tanks with an Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle (UCAV).

Reportedly some Armenian citizens volunteered to join the war in hopes of defending against Azeri forces. They showed relentless enthusiasm to carry on this war, win it, and return home safely.

Where Will All Of This Lead?

Both countries have declared martial law and mobilized their male population. NK reported that they have lost multiple positions and suffered huge number of casualties without giving figures. Azerbaijan has claimed that it has seized control of seven villages which is yet to be verified by NK.

Once again the war between Muslim majority Azerbaijan and Christian majority Armenia has prompted wide-spread diplomacy efforts. Russia strictly called for immediate ceasefire, the US wished to end violence between the two nations, and a superpower in its own right, Turkey has blatantly announced to stand with Azerbaijan with whatever they do.

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