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This Pakistani Artist Uses Truck Art to Spread Awareness on Social Issues

Pakistan’s truck art is famous throughout the world for its bold colors, expressions, prints and very often for the representation of culture. Any kind of art serves its purpose well when it is not only aesthetically appealing but also practically useful to bring a meaningful social change. The fact proves itself so well in the following example which indeed role model.

A Pakistani filmmaker Samar MinAllah Khan is utilizing the Trucks to create visuals that spread awareness about the social issues like child marriages, discrimination to women and needs for educating women.

Making Pakistani Truck Art More Purposeful

Truck artists, in general, are obsessed with portraits of military generals, singers, politicians, birds, floral patterns and beautiful girls. But no one has given it a thought to use this art for talking about things that actually matter.

Well, this Pakistani artist has really done something unique by utilizing Trucks that travel from Khyber to Karachi and cover the entire country to spread a message that everyone needs to listen.

Listen to Me, Let Me Study

This message says “Listen to me, let me study” and it is speaking more loudly in this giant portrait painted with vibrant colors. It is impossible for it to not reach the maximum individuals as it has to pass through the highways.

Samar’s work also made her win four Cannes Lions at 2019 Cannes Lions International Festival.

Truck Art Child Finder

Samar has also collaborated with a campaign called Truck Art Child Finder. Through this, she and her collaborators aim to find the missing children. According to a social media post, the campaign has succeeded in finding seven missing children until now.

Using Art to Make A Difference

Samar is not the only one who has used art in a very unique way. Earlier, an art student had used Pakistan’s currency notes to show cultural diversity. Art is another name of beauty and that gets glorified once used for some purpose of making a positive impact in the world. Using Pakistan’s Truck art for the objective of doing some real good in society is indeed a project worth appreciating because it does have an impact considering an outreach.

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