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ARY Digital Becomes a Target of Cyber Crime by Indian Hackers 

ARY digital is a YouTube channel based on ARY’s satellite entertainment platform. It has 29.6 million subscribers that watch Pakistani ARY dramas. On Wednesday, the YouTube channel became a target of some hackers who replaced the title of videos with abusive words. Reports point to Indian cyber criminals who took some unethical steps to damage the platform. They replaced the titles of the dramas and pages with one very prominent phrase, “Fu*k Pakistan”. However, the administration instantly took notice of the sudden attack and took measures to prevent permanent damage. It went offline, and the management said it would come online soon.

Attack on ARY Digital and Users

According to reports, the attack on ARY Digital was expressive enough to indicate that someone with hatred toward Pakistan was behind the cybercrime. The administration stated that Indian Hackers were the masterminds behind the act as they are among the country’s enemies. They even tried to harass the users by using foul language.

Recovery of Channel

Sooner, the management team put the ARY digital channel offline, and the channel requested the subscribers to be patient while the problem was getting fixed. Now, the ARY team has regained control over the content and channel’s functionality, and people can once again watch the tv shows and dramas. Cyber Crime has become a common thing across the world, and Pakistan has been targeted multiple times. According to Pakistan’s Inter-Service Public Relations (ISPR), India has been actively plotting against Pak by collaborating with Israel. Mostly, these conspiracies end up in the form of Cyber Attacks in Pakistan. Luckily for Pakistan, the ARY Digital attack was minor, and the company managed to deal with it.

Subscribers Pinpointed the Fault

The news about ARY Digital being hacked surfaced on the internet and spread like fire. The company notified its users later as subscribers noticed the change and shared its videos and screenshots on Twitter. Many were concerned that their favourite shows on the channel were being tempered with. Other than that, some were just shocked to see the foul language as the title of every posted video. They said that anti-Pakistani forces tried to do the damage as a channel with millions of subscribers can’t simply become a glitched platform. Many accused India of stooping to another low level.

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