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Arya Stark Is One Badass Chick Who Knows How To Kill

By now everyone knows who Arya Stark is even if they have not watched the Game of Thrones. One of the central characters of the season is here to slay with her actually killer moves.  In the recently aired episode of the show, Arya killed the knight king in a daring attempt, and the crowd went wild.

Reaction over Arya Stark’s Dare

The Game of Thrones has become one of the most viewed and liked TV series. It has 17.1 million viewers located worldwide. For many, the moment when Arya managed to kill the knight king was the highlight of the episode

Arya Stark The New Queen

After watching Arya kill the knight king, many feel that she genuinely disserves to be crowned the king of the seven kingdoms for her bravery and courage, not to mention the numerous lives she saved.

Many are wondering what was going through Arya’s mind when she came close to dying at the hands of the knight king.

It is to be noted that Arya’s that blood bathed look was the talk of the town in Game of Thrones Season 8, trailer.

Where’s the Protection Detail

A lot of the people are wondering where was the knight kings security detail while young stark was creeping up on him to kill him.

The lighting in the recent episode was so bad that many fans had a hard time watching. They couldn’t distinguish between characters at times and failed to understand what was going.

Fans lost control when Arya killed the knight king but soon realized that this was only the third episode and there was more to come.

And, the scene was actually attention worthy, enough to make fans lose touch with reality for a while.

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