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7 Dead In Asian Massage Centers Shooting Spree

Series of shooting at three Asian massage centers in Atlanta, Georgia left 7 people dead and several others injured. According to reports, at least 4 of the dead included women of Asian origin. Police told the media that bodies were turning up periodically in multiple areas. The news came in the wake of recent violence against Asian Americans that have increased dramatically during the pandemic.

Reportedly, over 3,500 cases of anti-Asian incidents were reported last year.

Three Asian Massage Centers Hit In One Day

The gunman targeted multiple Asian massage centers but the motive was not immediately clear. The attack started on 16th March at 5 PM with the reports of 5 people getting shot at a spa called Youngs Asian Massage Parlor in Acworth. Two died on the spot and three were taken to the hospital out of which one died. Authorities did not immediately reveal the gender of the victims.

The second shooting incident occurred after 50 minutes at Gold Spa in Buckhead. Police responded to a robbery call and found three women dead from gunshot wounds. And while the police were at the scene, it received another call about shots fired from across the street in Aromatherapy Spa. A woman was found murdered inside the building.

Suspect Apprehended

With the help of surveillance video, the police captured a suspect named Robert Aaron Long. Reportedly the CCTV video showed him pulling up to the first massage center around 4:50 PM. Authorities took arrested Long around 8:30 PM after a pursuit that ended in Crisp County, three hours away from the scenes of crime.

Long is a 21-year-old white man with no prior criminal history in the records. The FBI was assisting the police in the case, which ultimately connected all three shooting incidents with Long.

Condolences for Asian Community

Rage, grief, and regret are the common emotions on social media following this heinous crime by a young fellow. The Asian community is also in danger like the Black Americans due to the unbridled racism in the US. This racism issue has resulted in the biggest protest America has ever seen but the problem continues to persist.

NBA superstar Lebron James expressed his concern on the matter and cursed the gunman for his senseless act.

The youngest daughter of Martin Luther King and Coretta Scott King was saddened to witness that the inhumanity was still alive. Her parents were the civil rights leaders who wanted human beings to fight against intolerance, violence, and hate. Unfortunately, folks who just love these evils are still killing an ocean of people without remorse. Bernice King called this earth a World House and acknowledged the Asian community as a part of the family.

Some Asians have even thought about retaliating to the anti-Asian drive in the US. They opined that this terrorism against Asians will be a normal routine if they failed to do anything about it. They called for making noise by taking up space in the cities.

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