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Atif Aslam Concert Stops Amidst Girls Getting Harassed

Atif Aslam concert was stopped recently since some unwanted activities were going on. Once again, the global star singer became the show’s highlight, but this time for stopping it. He left the stage to save people from getting harassed. Many people who attended the Taste Plus event in Islamabad and witnessed what happened at the event praised the singer for taking the necessary step. People are crucifying the management and admiring the fact that Aslam for not continuing the show since it became unsafe for girls.

Atif Aslam Concert Becomes the Chaotic Event

Taste Plus event invited multiple singers, including Aima Baig, Shamoon Malik, Mustafa Zahid Asim Azhar, and Atif Aslam, to perform. The event was supposed to be a hit since too many popular faces were making an appearance. However, the crowd was out of control on the very first day of the event. Reportedly, the mismanagement resulted in harassment incidents. While Atif was performing on stage, a girl approached him and told him that some people misbehaved with her. He stopped singing and sympathized with her. The singer and the host repeatedly told people to move away and maintain some space, but the crowd was reluctant. Thus, the star of the show left the concert.

Atif Becomes the Hero

After Aslam stormed out of the show, the netizens started praising him. For them, it was a necessary step the singer took and helped the girls and family from being exploited. Last time, the Pakistani public praised Atif too much for his PSL6 Anthem, but this time, it was not his singing but the audacity that made people admire him.

Also, a supposed fan sent a message to him on his social media account to express concern about the recent unfortunate event and to advise the star to consult the management to prevent such scenarios next time. He replied that he loves Islamabad and that his action saved families from getting harassed.

Other than that, knowing that Some goons compromised Atif Aslam concert, many were bothered, but they admired how he took a stand. As per many, no one will dare to do something like this while he is on stage.

Will the Harassment Ever Stop?

This wasn’t the first time Atif Aslam Concert was stopped. It happened at the Karachi Eat 2017 event when the celebrity asked his team to bring a girl on stage as she was harassed. As per public views, such incidents have become too familiar since the perverts only look for an excuse to touch girls inappropriately. Concerts and festivals are the best occasions for some people to misbehave with the opposite genders. All in all, people are trying to convey messages on social media regarding the latest encounter and asking the managers of the shows to manage and control the crowd to avoid such mishaps strictly.

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