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Atif Aslam Riding a Bike to Reach Concert Makes People Go Nuts

The widely popular singer and actor Atif Aslam has been entertaining fans across the globe with his hit songs. People get restless waiting for his concerts and performances. However, recently his previous shows have created hype, not because of his energetic singing on the stage but due to unusual events that occurred during the live concerts. The latest talk of the town is Atif Aslam riding a bike to reach his show due to the traffic jam in Karachi. The public is simply admiring his enthusiasm towards his career and fans.

Atif Aslam Riding a Bike Goes Viral

On December 24, the fans witnessed Atif Aslam riding a bike while reaching KN Academy in Karachi for his concert. One of the fans captured it when he saw that the star was riding with a crew member. The video went viral on social media and touched many hearts.

Reportedly, the traffic was blocking the roads on the 24th. It was hard for the singer to arrive on time. Apparently, he chose the discomfort of a motorbike over his car to express his loyalty to his fans. He reached the destination, and the public started hooting his name right there in the parking.

Atif Aslam Win Hearts With his Stunt

The singer has millions of fans spread across the world who think that he has a way of winning hearts. People who saw Atif Aslam riding a bike to avoid traffic and reached the venue said that he never disappoints his fans no matter what.

Other than that, many talked about his actions worth praising since he has always been supportive and protective of those being manipulated and harassed among the crowds. Very recently, Atif Aslam Concert was stopped as he witnessed families and girls getting harassed. He concluded his performance to avoid any unwanted mishap. Later, his conversation with a girl was revealed in which he mentioned that the action was necessary at the moment.

Critics Don’t Forgive

Other than the ones admiring Atif riding a bike to perform at his concert, many are just against the idea of him getting late for his show. They compared him with the famous singer, Asim Azhar, as he has always been punctual, unlike Aslam. Some social media users said that Aadat song’s singer lacks ethics because keeping people waiting for his appearance is unprofessional. Many pin-pointed that he was more than 4 hours late for the concert and coming on a bike doesn’t make up for this habit.

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