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Difference Between Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Virtual reality and augmented reality are not only the catchphrases but defining technologies for the upcoming era of innovation. Both these realities have an impact on the ways human beings interact with the environment. People use these phrases interchangeably considering both of them same. But, virtual reality and augmented reality represent two different phenomena that are useful for different purposes.

Here is a brief introduction to virtual reality, augmented reality their difference and use in real life.

What is Virtual Reality?

The term virtual reality (VR) means ‘near reality.’ VR utilizes 3D technology to generate a digital environment in which human beings can interact in a seemingly physical manner. Briefly, virtual reality allows a user an immersive experience of any computer generated scene or video, which is so close to reality. VR headsets consist of visors and goggles that enable a person to experience an interactive immersion of any game or scene.

The typical examples of virtual reality devices are Google cardboard, Oculus Rift by Facebook and Samsung Gear VR. So many companies are making the virtual reality headsets for gamers, businesses, and entities who need them for experiencing simulations. Hence, it is possible for an ordinary individual to buy a cheap headset. Otherwise one can make the VR goggles with a DIY project as well.

Virtual Reality

What Is Augmented Reality?

In simple words, augmented reality (AR) is nothing more than superimposition. It refers to the use of technology to enhance the real environment with the help of graphics, sound effects, visual arts and information added by texts. Augmented reality allows a person to experience an improved version of a real environment which is graphically aided.

The typical examples include the AR apps, games like Pokemon Go and Google Glass. Augmented reality apps allow a user to browse about people, places, restaurants and different sites in a more comprehensive manner. Apart from Apple, IKEA is also working on AR shopping tools to create an enhanced experience for its buyers. Using AR aided app will allow customers to foresee how a particular appliance or furniture will fit into the living rooms of homes.

Virtual Reality vs. Augmented Reality

The literal meaning of the terms virtual reality and augmented reality says enough about the difference between two. In simple words, VR allows a user to experience a digitally created environment in a real and immersive manner. Contrary to this, augmented reality allows a person to view a something with enhanced audio video effects.

For example, playing a soccer game on Oculus Rift offers an immersive experience of a digital product which is the video game in this case. But watching a real-time football game in the field through enhanced audio video effects and information magnifies the same experience manifolds.

In future AR and VR both will find their use in video games, presentations, simulations, navigational equipment and browsing based services.

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