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Authorities Probe into Aussie Journalist’s Story of Bribe at Lahore Airport

The Lahore Airport official was arrested for demanding a bribe from an Aussie Journalist, Dennis Freedman who loves PSL and always visits during the games.

The journalist was travelling back to Australia after a cool PSL game when an official in plainclothes asked him for bribe after facilitating him at immigration.

The fact that accused asked for a minor amount of 350 Rs only from an Australian citizen is making folks suspect that he might have asked for tip instead,

Aussie Journalist’s Reaction to Bribe Incident

It might not be surprising for Pakistanis as they know better to ignore such people but Dennis was not planning on taking this lightly.


He paid for the guy’s ‘favor’ but later he regreted his decision to support corruption which is why he made this video.


Immediately after watching the video, the genius of Pakistani social media was activated and the famous ‘blame the victim’ game was played again. What a surprise.

The Aussie journalist likes to change his social media handle frequently and after the incident, it changed to ‘Dennis Baksheesh’. More appropriately it should have been changed to Dennis ‘Rishwat’ because Baksheesh is given to a person who does some real physically exhausting job (within the bounds of law) for example, a waiter. The journalist later changed his handle to Dennis Not British probably because Pakistanis had started accusing him for being a British colonizers’ decendent.

A sarcastic but serious message for Pakistanis

The video went so viral that reached PM Imran Khan who ordered Airport authorities to track down and apprehend the culprit using CCTV. Khan is the sworn enemy of the corrupt but when it comes to his friends, he is ignorant. Now, the PM had the time to order an arrest of a guy who extorted 300 rupees from a white man? Great!

The Aussie journalist who is more likely only a vlogger also used this incident in a sarcastic way to do commentry on Pakistan Super League match.


Yes, that guy was arrested because of 300 rupees but that is not important. What’s more important is that how this incident can inspire the citizens of Pakistan to not give in to the culture of corruption.


Despite the inspiring act from the foreigner, Pakistani people continued to stay in the dark and prefer to let authorities screw them over rather than raising a little voice. How much effort does it take?

What’s wrong with this tweet is that the brown privilege does not exist because brown people never tried to establish one. There is hardly any action taken when a native points out towards such wrong.

Should we forgive minor corruption?

Admittedly 300 rupees were a little amount for the Australian but it was still an act of favor outside the bounds of law.

Sadly, we are in the era where corruption needs categories as well. There is minor and major corruption conducted by people and companies all over Pakistan.

The corruption is so inbred in our system that even foreigners can crack jokes that are logically correct.


PCB knows what he is talking about and also know everything about bribe and corruption, so as other departments, offices, boards, and agencies.

This inbred disease needs to be eliminated even if it is at minor stage and even if it is pointed out by an Australian journaist, because it will eventually grow and become major.

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