Monday, October 2, 2023
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Australia Joins Western Allies to Expel Russian Diplomats

Australia is the latest country to expel Russian diplomats in a move to back British stance over Salisbury spy poisoning incident.

Reports suggest that 20 countries including UK, the US, Australia and countries of EU are sending almost 100 Russian diplomats back to their country. Canada, Albania, Macedonia, Ukraine and Norway are the countries other than UK and the US that are expelling the Russian Intelligence officers.

UK Prime Minister, Theresa May has dubbed the act as “largest collective expulsion of Russian Intelligence Officers in history.”

Why Australia is Expelling Russian Diplomats?

Media reports reveal that statements issued by Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Julie Bishop said that two Russian diplomats would be asked to leave the country within seven days.

The Australian government officials also indicated that they made the decision due to shocking offensive chemical attack in Europe after second World War, as it involved use of a lethal substance in a populated area.

Russia’s Response to Expulsion of Its Diplomats

Expulsion of its diplomats has made Russian foreign ministry to respond in a furious way. Sergie Lavrov, country’s foreign minister has termed the expulsion of its diplomats as a colossal blackmail. He also said that there are very few independent countries left in modern Europe.

Earlier, when UK had expelled 23 Russian Diplomats, Russia had warned a swift response. But, till now west is awaiting the President Vladimir Putin’s reaction on the matter of “historic” expulsions of Russian officers from the US, UK and European countries.

Russian Diplomats

Russian Spy Poisoning

The recent series of tensions between UK and Russia which is seemingly making Russia look villain, started after poisoning of Sergie Skripal- a former Russian spy. The man, along with his daughter Julia Skripal, became a victim of the lethal chemical attack in Salisbury, UK. Reports show that the attack that allegedly exploited a Nerve agent, which is manufactured in Russia had potential of killing almost 130 people, among which 50 people assessed the hospitals.

So, this is such a lethal nature of this poisoning incident which is making British to seek the help of its European allies. Countries across the Europe started showing solidarity with British after they backed the Theresa May’s assertion of “no plausible alternative other than Russia’s involvement in the attack”.

If the disputing parties didn’t resolve their issues with dialogue and continued responding in a fierce manner, then the truce will threaten escalation of tensions on a pattern similar to cold war era.

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