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Australian Cricketer Tim Paine Leaves Captaincy due to Sexting Scandal

On Friday, November 19  Australian cricketer Tim Paine announced in a press conference about his decision of leaving the captaincy and continuing as a wicketkeeper. As per his statement, the reason for his quitting the captaincy was his 2017 scandal in which he exchanged photos and messages with a female coworker who happened to be a Tasmanian cricket employee. The sudden decision was amid the incident becoming public and it’s being inappropriate with his designation as a team captain.

Tim Paine Apologizes to Fans and His Family

He told the reporters that he was involved with someone in 2017 and had been sexting with her. According to the Cricket Tasmania HR investigation, he didn’t break the Australian cricket code of conduct but it became necessary for him to take the difficult decision. Paine stated that CA Integrity Unit set a thorough investigation on the matter to notice the details of his actions, in which he collaborated completely.

The cricketer added that he regretted what had happened in 2017. He apologized to his wife, family, and the colleague he was sexting with. He was also glad that his wife and family forgave him for his inappropriate action.

Lastly, Tim said that quitting as captain was the right decision since he didn’t want his team to suffer and disgrace him during the huge Ashes series. However, he will still play as a wicketkeeper.

Board Accepts Tim’s Resignation

As per Richard Freudenstein, the CA (Cricket Australia) Chair, the board accepted Tim Paine’s resignation. He mentioned that Tim has always been a good leader and his actions didn’t affect to code of conduct. Thus, the board respected his decision and discharged him as a team captain. However, Tim Paine will be available in the team selection process for Ashes. Further National Selection Panel is currently looking to find and appoint a new Captain of the Australian cricket team.

Major Distraction for Australia Before Ashes

Winning the T20 world cup was a big success for the Australian cricket team since it hasn’t been able to win any T20 title before. Also, the players were ready to enter the Ashes league to face England. However, the recent scandal of Tim Paine has brought tensions for the team. Reportedly, the latest newsbreak seems to be a distraction for the entire Australian cricket team as the board has yet to decide the new captain and go through a whole process of selection. In this regard, the team will probably suffer due to the supposed inability to practice before the league. More worrisome thing is that the timing of the setback is a major distraction since the team has less than a month to prepare for the first test match.

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