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Australian PM Smashes into a Kid While Playing Football

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison is the talk of the town on social media after a viral video showed him colliding with a kid while playing football. Australian PM was on a campaign trail in Tasmania ahead of the elections starting on 22nd May 2022. He joined a 5-on-5 practice match at Devonport Strikers football club as part of his campaign to promote a 3.5 million USD grant.

Australian PM Knocks Down the Junior Athlete

The PM was seen rushing to steal the ball from a young opponent, but MP Gavin Pearce intercepted it. After that, Morrison tripped and bumped into Luca, opening up the path to goal for the opposition. The Devonport Strikers praised little Luca for showing tremendous determination in stopping the Australian PM from scoring.

Morrison advertised a promise to the club that he would upgrade their facilities after his Coalition was re-elected.

Is the Kid Fine?

After getting up from the unfortunate accident, Morrison gave the kid a high-five and an awkward hug while looking dazed. The strikers confirmed that Luca was ‚Äúperfectly fine and will attend the school tomorrow‚ÄĚ. They hailed him as a star who made it in one piece after nearly getting crushed under the frame of the Australian PM.

The incident has generated thousands of memes on social media, trolling the PM for his actions and non-actions during his tenure.

Political Mishaps in Sports

Australian PM is not the only politician to face tragic circumstances while politicizing sports. In 2015, London PM Boris Johnson (mayor back then) collided with a 10-year old boy Toki Sekiguchi during street rugby in Tokyo.

In 1984, Bob Hawke (former PM of Australia) took a cricket ball to his right eye during a social match in Canberra. The ball smashed the lens of his glasses, cutting his eye. Hawke was taken to hospital after the accident. Another former PM of Australia, John Howard, was trying to bowl a straight ball but failed miserably multiple times during his 2005 visit to Pakistan.

Scott Morrison is Australia’s 30th Prime Minister, who seeks re-election this month amid severe public criticisms of his character from senior members of his Labour party and others.

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