Avengers Endgame Trailer Leaves Fans in Emotional Wreck

Avengers Endgame

Marvel recently dropped Avengers Endgame trailer and it has actually left fans speechless. Release of this much hyped trailer followed some speculations and serious analyses about the plot of Avengers 4 which is final film of the series. 

Avengers Endgame Trailer- An Emotional Roller Coaster

From the title of Avengers 4 to Thanos wiping out half of humanity, Tony Stark figuring out survival of the rest, black panther in action and enthusiasm to see Stan Lee’s cameo, every single factor about this trailer became a center of discussion on social media

Josh Brolin’s Joke About Thanos Killing Humanity

Apart from fans’ reactions what got the limelight was Josh Brolin who is playing Thanos, villain in Avengers. The actor shared the trailer with his fans on Instagram and captioned it as “For the 50 percent who are still alive”



The joke might seem a bit cruel but it seems that Marvel fans have enjoyed it.

Reaction of Marvel Fans

This weeks couldn’t be more better for Marvel fans who got to watch three trailer of Avengers: Endgame, Captain Marvel and also Spiderman- Far from Home one after the other.

They even used popular Marvel superhero expressions to react to trailer. It was no less painful by any means.

This man walking dead exactly explains feeling after watching Avengers 4 trailer.


There were some strange analyses as well. Like, this tweet seems to be a theory that relates extinction of some Marvel superheroes with Stan Lee’s death. Such speculations are quite expected considering the emotional attachment of fans with Marvel superheroes.

Some were just mourning the end of Avengers series.


Avengers 4 is all set to hit cinemas on 26 April, 2019. But it seems that fans can’t wait this long. As this crazy fan shared how he was going to make this period interesting by watching at least one MCU creation once a week.

There Was  a Bit of Attention to Detail As Well…

Even the name endgame didn’t go well with many of Marvel fans.

Viewers were not disappointed they were simply left heartbroken.

We have to admit that Marvel Cinematic Universe is not only an entertainment producer but a feeling. The fact that films like Black Panther and Avengers Infinity War have been one of the highest grossing films of Hollywood films of 2018 proves how much audience is attached to those characters.  The trailer has left fans a bit disappointed but it has only increased the excitement manifolds. Now, everyone is looking for how Avengers Endgame actually ends. 

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