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Ayesha Gulalai Holds a Stormy Press Conference

All hell breaks loose with a steamy press conference from an ex-PTI women politician. Ayesha Gulalai leveled serious allegations against PTI Chairman Imran Khan and KPK’s CM Pervez Khattak. She said that the main reason for her choice to leave PTI is no compromise on respect.

Serious Allegations Against Party Leaders

In her claims, Ayesha Gulalai maintains that Imran Khan would send her inappropriate text messages. Also, she stated that she does not feel that Imran Khan is a real Khan. Instead, she thinks of him as a Niazi but not a Pathan.

Furthermore, the ex-PTI women politician would add that Imran Khan had used inappropriate language for the slain PPP Chairman, Benazir Bhutto. She stated that she overheard about his views when he was in conversation with someone else. Adding that she thinks it is not appropriate to use such foul language against someone who is no more among us. Also, she said that even the religion of Islam teaches us not to talk in that manner about people who passed away.

A Long History of Text Messages

Well, to the surprise of many, she did not start receiving the inappropriate text messages a few days or months ago. Ayesha Gulalai stated that she got the first inappropriate message from Imran Khan in October 2013. Journalists did try to ask why she did not report about it. But she was not able to give any satisfactory answer to that question. Also, the journalists probed her to provide her with the text messages sent from Imran Khan’s Blackberry. But all she could say was that she had all the record and anyone interested could get the record from Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.

On Ground Work VS Social Media Politics

While talking about her political struggles she said that she was just an ordinary worker. So she like many other political workers of PTI would do the ground work. However, Imran Khan would mainly do social media politics only. Further adding to her point, she said that while ordinary workers were getting beaten up by people. Imran Khan was comfortably living in his residence in Bani Gala.

The Imposition of Western Culture and Corruption

Besides everything else, Ayesha Gulalai said that Imran Khan wants to bring the culture of the west into Pakistan. Furthermore, she added that she was not happy with the corruption prevailing in the party.

Allegations of Nepotism

Ayesha Gulalai also leveled allegations of nepotism in the party. Furthermore, she indicated that Pervez Khattak would allot all provincial contracts to his relatives. Above all, she said that the CM of KPK would not listen to her whenever she would try to represent the case of the poor and oppressed.

Not to Join PML (N)

The PTI’s former women politician added that she would not be joining PML (N). Furthermore, she said that whatever cases are against him, Nawaz Sharif does not dishonor the mothers, daughters, and sisters of Pakistan. Furthermore, she made a plea to the Supreme Court to take action against Imran Khan and disqualify him.

Ayesha Gulalai Holds a Stormy Press ConferencePervez Khattak’s Response to Ayesha Gulalai

The CM of KPK called the allegations by Ayesha Gulalai as baseless. Furthermore, he said that she had come two weeks ago for the party ticket to contest elections on NA-1. However, the party leadership told her that only a parliamentary party could distribute tickets. On the refusal, she started giving threats to the party leadership.

News Points to PML (N) Trying to Topple the KPK Government

The disqualification of Nawaz Sharif and later appointment of interim Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi did not go well with the party leadership, as per some media reports. Therefore, some media outlets are reporting that PML (N) has tasked Amir Muqam to topple the government. The reports further added that he could take any measures necessary to achieve his objectives. There are also reports of closed quarter meetings of some disgruntled PTI members. Therefore, some suggest that PML (N) may look to remove KPK CM from his seat with a no-confidence vote. However, in a house of 124 with 61 people, it is an uphill task for the PML (N) to rattle PTI in KPK.

PTI Women to Send Jirga to Ayesha Gulalai’s Home

The women wing of PTI has termed the allegations by Ayesha Gulalai as false. Furthermore, the win maintains that they think of this press conference as no more than a cheap publicity stunt. The PTI women wing asked Gulalai to apologize from the party’s senior leadership for her unjustifiable allegations. One of the members of PTI’s women wing, Zareen Zia, said that Ayesha Gulalai was leveling false allegations against Imran Khan.  Furthermore, she added that Imran Khan does not even own a Blackberry. Also, she added that Gulalai should have shared the text when the journalists asked her to show them to the media.

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