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Should Azaan Sami Khan be Questioned for His Father’s Views

Azaan Sami Khan the son of controversial Indo-Pak composer Adnan Sami Khan is making waves in media after his interview with BBC’s Asian Network. The young composer has grabbed more attention from the last couple of weeks due to his work as music director in Mahira Khan starrer Superstar. There is no doubt that Azaan’s talent and art as a musician, is praiseworthy and simply mesmerizing but it hasn’t done enough to distract folks from thinking about his political views and his stance on his father’s opinions on Indo-Pak conflict.

Azaan Sami Khan on His Relation With His Father

Interestingly, unlike his father Adnan Sami Khan who is not only Indian citizen but also a conventional proud Indian (the ones who need to constantly bash Pakistan for proving their patriotism), Azaan Sami Khan calls “Pakistan his home”. He said in an interview with to BBC, “What I choose to call home now is my choice and I choose to work in Pakistan.”

Talking about Adnan Sami’s opinions Azaan remarked that his father had made certain decisions of where he wanted to live and which country he wanted to call home and he respected his decision.

Early in February when India claimed to conduct surgical strikes in Pakistan after the Pulwama attack, Adnan Sami Khan tweeted to show his support to Indian forces. Responding to his blind exhibit of patriotism Pakistanis started trolling him with funny memes that labeled him as Major Adnan Sami Khan supposed to be on a secret mission in India under the guise of an Indian citizen.

In response to a question on whether Azaan discusses political views with his father, he said, “What he and I talk about should remain with us.” He further told that he had a very tested relationship with his father as he grew up with his mother.

Working in Pakistan

While sharing his views about India the young musician expressed that he lived in India during his teenage, he grew up there and he had amazing friends there. But Pakistan was his home. There was immense pride for him and ambition to contribute to an industry that he called home.

Should A Son be Questioned for His Father’s Views

Even people who strongly believe that everyone has a right to make free choice and others should mind their own business can’t help thinking to what extent a father’s life choices and behavior can impact a son’s. Azaan Sami Khan in his interview through his opinion showed that he was free to make choices with respect to calling any country his home and his father had no influence on him; this implies that folks in Pakistan must refrain from ridiculing Azaan Sami Khan only because his father is anti-Pakistan.

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