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Azad Chaiwala, the famous YouTube vlogger, has a second wife website. Azad Chaiwala says that the second wife website is not only helpful for men, but it also offers benefits to women. Although, polygamy is not a typical thing among Muslim men in the UK. However, the UK does recognize polygamous marriages that took place in countries where it is allowed. Similarly, since marriage is a religious ceremony in Islam, the UK law does not restrict holding any religious celebrations Why Establish Second Wife Website? Well, it is the brainchild of Azad Chaiwala arising due to his own need. Since he wanted to marry the second time, he thought it to be a great idea to a site for this purpose. He argues that he got the website up thinking it would help people in a situation similar to his own. Despite Islam allowing a man to marry up to four times, he has to make sure that he treats all his wives in the same manner. Azad Chaiwala Thinks It is Good for the Society Unlike many other people who do not necessarily share his beliefs, he thinks his second wife website can do a lot of good. He believes that men who cannot marry another time can astray into other things like extramarital affairs. Thus, he thinks his site will help save men from going to that path. The subscribers according to him include mostly men. The site’s audiences consist mainly of men comprising 75% of the total members while only 25% are women. Furthermore, Mr. Chaiwala thinks this way the society can build better and bigger families. Case Studies Since Mr. Azad knows it is a very controversial topic even in Islamic countries, his website has videos on the homepage. In these videos, he explains the purpose of the second wife website and the case studies of the members of this site. He also tells concepts like polygamy and who is a polygamist. The website also claims in its features to be the largest for Muslim men seeking to remarry. The site also asks the users to make real profiles as it will not allow any fake ones. There are testimonials from the people using the website and talking about the privacy it provides to them. The site enables the members to contact each other without paying any money. Men can search the site for finding a second wife and women can use it to locate a prospective husband. It provides an option to husbands to remarry who had an arranged or love marriage before.
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