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Aziz Ansari Debut Film Shuts Down Because of Bill Murray

The work on Aziz Ansari debut film, ‘Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End’, has been suspended following a complaint against veteran actor Bill Murray. According to reports, Searchlight Pictures said they became aware of a complaint a week ago and decided to investigate after shutting down the production. In the complaint, the Ghostbusters star is reportedly accused of “inappropriate behaviour” on the set of the upcoming film. The reports do not elaborate on what kind of “behaviour” was that or whether Murray would be back. The filming began on 28th March 2022.

What Aziz Ansari Debut Film Was About?

Aziz Ansari debut film, Being Mortal, was based on Atul Gawande’s book of the same name. The author is also a practising surgeon, and the story explores the harsh realities of medical care at an old age. It also touches on the state of elders in nursing homes and from his personal experiences in treating patients. The story’s message argues that humans can live better despite nearing death, age-related weakness, and severe illness. The author calls on medical professionals to change the way of treating patients who are approaching their deaths. The book also discusses practices such as euthanasia and assisted suicide before suggesting that hospice is the most humane model of medical care.

Controversy Surrounding the Director

The film, Being Mortal was a comeback opportunity for the Ansari, who was directing a Hollywood film for the first time. He was also acting in the film alongside Seth Rogan and Keke Palmer and was also a co-producer with Youree Henley. Aziz Ansari debut film was his attempt to get back in action after a disturbing controversy left him under the radar. The comedian has mainly been keeping a low profile since 2018 when a woman with the pseudonym “Grace” accused him of sexual misconduct in an article on a website named ‘’. The comedian responded that he was “surprised and concerned” to learn that their sexual activity was not consensual. Babe’s article drew 2.5 million views in 2 days but later received backlash. No legal action was taken against one of the best stand-up comedians on Netflix.

The Outburst Pattern of Bill Murray

The controversy surrounding Aziz Ansari debut film might not be more significant than the earlier actions of Bill Murray. The Groundhog Day actor has found himself in several scandals over the past years. Some of them are briefly described below.

According to reports, Murray threw an ashtray at co-star Richard Dreyfuss during the filming of the 1991 film ‘What About Bob?’. Dreyfuss recalled the incident and described Murray as a “drunken bully”. He said that Murray got close to his face, nose-to-nose and started yelling at the top of his lungs that “everybody hates you” before throwing the ashtray. However, Murray missed his intended target.

Murray also got engaged in a physical altercation with comedian Chevy Chase in 1978. Reportedly, the fight started after Murray insulted Chase and said, “go have sex with Jacquelin Carlin (Chase’s then-wife)”. In return, Chase made fun of Murray and said, “his face looked like something Neil Armstrong landed on”. Murray could not take the joke and attacked Chase.

Bill Murray also fell out with his Charlie’s Angels team multiple times in the past. In 2000, fellow actor Luzy Liu accused him of hurling insults at her using “inexcusable and unacceptable” language.  Then in 2009, he allegedly head-butted Charlie’s Angels director McG on the face.

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