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Who Is Accusing Babar Azam of Sexual Harassment and Why?

Pakistani cricketer Babar Azam has a huge fan following for his brilliant performance in the field. They admire him due to his performance and efforts in the game as he is the captain of the Pakistan National Cricket Team. His popularity is evidence of the public’s support, love, and enthusiasm towards him. However, the captain is facing some serious allegations by a woman. As per her, Babar exploited her in ways that broke her and forced her to take a legal step against him. She also mentioned that the reason behind revealing her truth through a press conference was the negligence of police and PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board) towards her. It means that neither PCB nor Police offered to help her when she allegedly asked for it. 

On the contrary, as per different views, the woman’s claims against the cricket star seem baseless and supposedly false. A multitude of views state that her accusations are just playing the role of a ladder to achieve cheap fame. Assumably, her allegations are unable to create coherence with the reality since what she says isn’t justifiable without solid evidence. 

Sexual Exploitation Accusations against Babar Azam

A woman named Hamiza held a press conference to enlighten people and to demand justice for her against the presumed crucial acts committed by the cricketer and captain of Pakistan national cricket Team, Babar Azam. 

According to Hamza’s statement in a press conference on Friday, November 28 that later went viral on social media, she knew Babar long before he became a cricketer by profession. They grew up together, went to the same school, shared the same street as their abode, and fell in love.

Hamiza claimed that in 2010, Azam proposed to her and she accepted it. However, their families weren’t supportive of their relationship and marriage consequently, they decided to run away and elope in 2011. Nevertheless, things didn’t turn out as they planned as Babar didn’t fulfill his promises.

In accordance with her claims, she constantly insisted him to marry her but he refused by saying that they were not financially stable. Meanwhile, they used to live in rental houses at different locations. Two of the locations, as mentioned by the woman, were Gulberg, Lahore and Punjab society Defense, Lahore. 

In proportion to her accusations, she started working and set up a saloon alongside the job to afford Babar Azam’s expenses. As per her, she put great efforts into making his career. In 2016, the captain, physically abused her after she broke the news of her pregnancy before him. He also took her for an abortion and comforted her by saying that eventually, they would get married. Moreover, she mentioned the names of some individuals who were allegedly present at the place where they went for her abortion. She said that there were four people including two of Azam’s friends, one friend, and his younger brother who can testify against Babar Azam. In addition to her claims and charges, he constantly harassed, used her sexually, and beat her multiple time over the years. 

Are Hamiza’s Indictments False And Pointless?

The cricketer Azam is a public figure and loved by many, therefore, for a large number of people, it is tough to digest the allegations against him. Since the press conference went viral, most of the people who are Babar Azam’s fans are saying that these accusations appear baseless.

A reporter asked her during the conference why did she wait for ten long years to come out and speak about this. Upon which she reacted that she went to police in 2017 but nothing happened. 

As per her, she has spent crores on Mr. Azam’s and his career. Upon this, the media raised a question: how come a girl at a young age earned so much that she could afford rents of houses at posh locations of Lahore and also managed her partner’s expenses. 

On the other hand, the woman stated that Babar started his cricket career in 2014 and that was the time when his behavior started to change towards her. However, according to the media, she didn’t realize that he was already an under 19 cricket player who was representing Pakistan from 2009-12. Furthermore, the Zarai Taraqiati Bank LTD collaborated with him in 2010/11 due to which he played till 2013-14. To add more, the State Bank of Pakistan and Sui Southern Gas also played part in giving his career a push in 2014-2018. The question raised by many was that why would a sportsman require money from her. Moreover, it is nearly impossible for a salon person to earn billions in Pakistan. In the light of these points, many presented their viewpoints that she is lying to get fame and it is nothing but stupid propaganda against the captain of the Pak cricket team. 

Memers Trolling Babar Azam for Accusation

Recently, the new look of Babar Azam amazed his fans as a lot of people love the recent adaptation of dressing and hairstyle. However, now the popular cricketer is facing allegations from a woman. Whereas people are discussing whether he is guilty or not, the members are trolling the whole thing and expressing their opinions through memes. 

Some are just shocked to see how a person held a press conference and created all the fuss about an allegedly made-up relationship. 

Well, the pun lovers who found the captain guilty gave presented their views through memes. The meme didn’t impose judgment but reflected the public’s opinion regarding Babar. 

Some presumably want to shoot the woman for bothering their favorite cricketer. Pun intended some found it very inappropriate for a woman to come out in public and talk rubbish about their celebrity. 

Well, the claims of the woman who has accused Babar Azam of sexual exploitation are yet to be proven. However, Azam’s fanbase believes that these are baseless and an attempt to tarnish the repute of cricketer.

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