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Babar Azam Supporting Virat Kohli in Hard Times Goes a Long Way

Pakistani cricket captain Babar Azam has come forward in support of the struggling Indian batter Virat Kohli. The heartwarming message has pleased many fans as the Indian skipper continues to face intense pressure for not performing according to expectations. The star cricketer has not been in his best form lately, leading him to drop out of the squad for the T20 series against West Indies. He scored 16 runs in ODI vs England on 12 June, which India lost by 100 runs. Ever since the great loss at T20 World Cup, Kohli has lost captaincy in all 3 formats. Hence, Babar Azam supporting Virat Kohli during this challenging time won the hearts of many fans.

Babar Azam Supporting Virat Kohli is What Cricket is All About

Cricket fans have always lauded the sportsmanship between India and Pakistan despite political differences. Kohli has been facing criticism from all quarters regarding his form or lack thereof. He also failed to deliver a remarkable run in the Indian Premier League (IPL), with only 341 runs in 16 matches at an average of 22.7. Even ex-Indian cricketers suggested Kohli “take time off” from the game. The idea of permanently dropping Kohli from the international squad has also been floating around.

However, there are also any who back Kohli and await the return of his proper form. The Pakistani captain encouraged the Indian great to stay strong in this situation. Babar Azam supporting Virat Kohli with a heartfelt tweet went instantly viral, hitting over 169,000 likes.

Babar’s selfless gesture was moving for fans and many other media personalities. The scarred history has been unable to stop the love from either side of the border.

Waiting for the Next Clash

Indian cricket fans who love Kohli have stood by him at every step of his journey. They have never underestimated the class of their favourite batsman. So when even legendary players criticized Kohli’s form, fans’ faith did not waiver. Instead, they attacked the locals for not being humane enough to back their own cricketer before the neighbouring country’s star did. Babar Azam supporting Virat Kohli during his challenges is another memorable moment for cricket lovers to cherish. Putting all the scrutiny aside, they hope to see Kohli play and give more exciting matches against Pakistan.

The Weight of the Crown

Azam and Kohli share a healthy bond and rivalry on the pitch, making the game further entertaining for the fans. Some even compare the 2 superstars and consider them equally rated. Unlike those who pounced upon the opportunity to berate the troubled batter, Babar Azam supporting Virat Kohli sent an inspirational message. Several personalities from Pakistan felt proud of how Azam defended Kohli against the backlash. They explained how Azam understood Kohli’s circumstances and encouraged him not to lay down his arms just yet. Only the one responsible at the helm can tell what it takes to keep it afloat. Lawyer Jibran Nasir called Azam a “gift” for Pakistan sports and a role model for young cricketers worldwide.

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