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Pakistan Lifts Ban on TikTok Under The Same Old Condition

On Thursday, April 1, 2021, the Peshawar High court (PHC) ordered PTA to lift the ban on TikTok, the Chinese video-sharing application, in the country. According to PHC, the TikTokers can make videos but are supposed to only post stuff that doesn’t deviate from moral norms and values. The app’s management will also keep in view the conditions applied by the court in order for the platform to run in Pakistan without promoting immorality.

Why Pakistan Lift Ban on TikTok?

Previously in March 2021, the Peshawar High Court ordered PTA to ban TikTok in Pakistan due to obscene content on the platform. Upon the court’s orders, the media regulator instantly blocked the app in Pakistan. The decision of the TikTok ban in Pakistan then faced criticism by the Pakistani public. 

Recently, the court has decided to lift the ban on TikTok and allowed its users to utilize the platform’s services once again. However, the court of law’s Chief justice, Qaiser Rashid Khan has also directed PTA’s director-general to remove all the depraved content posted on the application. Moreover, the application management is also advised to observe keenly the videos before letting them get posted to keep them free from obscenity.   

Also, the judge stated that the application’s management must operate systematically to keep track of what’s appropriate to post and what is not. While concluding, the court advised DG to present a detailed report regarding the regulations of terms and conditions in the next hearing on May 25, 2021. 

How is Tiktok Responding to The Decision? 

After the court’s hearing, TikTok admired the decision of regulating the services again in Pakistan. It also expressed gratitude towards the authorities for lifting the ban on Tiktok allowing the Chinese-owned app to grow more in Pakistan. Besides, TikTok’s management agreed to the terms stated by the PHC. 

In addition, DG PTA discussed the issue with the company’s management and enlighten the court about the administration’s willingness of implementing the court orders. According to the DG, the company has hired a person for the particular matter to avoid any disobedience.   

Social Media Reacts on The TikTok Unban

As the ban on TikTok has been lifted by The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, a multitude of opinions is filling up social media platforms with puns and memes. The memes reflect the diversity of views between those who favored the ban and those who didn’t. 

Many people have always been against the Chinese-owned application as they found its content inappropriate and immoral. Concerning the hatred towards the lip-syncing and video sharing app, several are cursing the judges after hearing the news of TikTok unban in Pakistan.

The memers through their memes on social media tried to show how tiktokers must feel now that the ban on Tiktok has been revoked. According to them, some people feel extremely delighted after knowing that they will be able to make videos on the app and share them with their viewers.
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