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Destroy Art For Art’s Sake With Banksy Because Destruction Itself is an Art

You might have heard about absurd art getting hype in 90’s but no one ever thought that destroying art could be a form of art as well. Now, this is a very new and unique concept which is reinvented by Banksy, a street artist. When his own art piece destroyed itself after getting sold. The funniest part of this is whole act is that Banksy followed the quote of Picasso to contribute in his ‘Destroy art for art’s sake stunt’.

Banksy’s Master Piece “Girl With A Baloon”

During the auction of his art, the masterpiece “Girl with a Baloon” was half shredded and half above the surface. This art piece got sold for $1.4 million, the artwork started shredding itself.


Comments on this stunt

This act left many questions for the observers and the person who actually brought that painting on canvas. Alex Branczik, Sotheby’s head of contemporary European art said, that they have never face such a situation in the history of art where a painting destroyed itself after getting sold on such a high price! They are still busy sorting out what was the actual purpose behind this stunt,

“It appears we just got Banksy-ed,”

Frame Of Painting

The frame of that painting was selected by Banksy himself. People recognized that frame was a shredder basically after it shredded the painting.

Hilarious Memes

Well, no one knows that what was the actual cause and no one even bothered that instead, a hilarious trend took hype on social media after this stunt! People start shredding the art they think deserves it!


This one is the most hilarious one,


Girls With Baloon Got Political Attention As well

Now after the memes and the hilarious response Banksy’s stunt got political fame well and then people started using it over Twitter to share relatable political views.

Climate change

One person steps forward to show the climatic dispute in the world through Banksy’s stunt.

No one knows that why a street artist whose artwork was getting so much worth destroyed it. Whether he was not happy with the customer or it was a way to question the modern artist. This is a “Banksyfied idea” for contemporary art!

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