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Why Books Should Not Be Banned?

‘Challenge’ is an alternate term that defines the word banned books. There are no distinct and absolute criteria for banning a book. In fact, different societies, nations, communities, school of thoughts have got their principles to rule out the credibility of any book. Briefly, the reasons for banning a book are entirely natural. Hence, banned books can have content that deserves the exposure of readers.

Advocates of free speech and right to information, actively discourage the banning of books. Let’s have a look at few of the reasons for banning the books before we comprehend why there should be no such ban.

Why They Ban the Books?

Different entities can consider banning the books for following reasons.

  1. Few books that contain sexually explicit content are banned from keeping in school libraries. Such content is deemed to be unfit for the children of particular age groups.
  2. Few books can also have material that spreads hate speech and prompts the reader for violence.
  3. Books by bold authors can propagate an opinion that might hurt the sentiments of a particular community, nation or a group.
  4. Countries can consider banning the books that present a threat to national integrity and sovereignty.

Many common books like few of the top bestselling books of all times, have also witnessed a ban.

Banned Books

Why There Should Be No Banned Books

All the books have one thing in common; they have an opinion. Banning a book for a particular audience means depriving individuals of an idea. One can’t merely ban a book because its content is controversial. To make the societies more civilized, the countries have the constitution and relative laws. The books don’t threaten a violent society; instead, they help create a situation that prompts lawmakers to come up with rules which are fit for humanity. Banning a book means, not letting the world know a possible aspect of the world.

Banning the Books Equals to Silencing the Dissent

 Books should be free from any chains, for they contain prolific ideas, meant for changing the world. Many times, books unveil the bitter truth that is unacceptable to society. But at the end, they are truths and needs attention to abate the suffering caused by prevalent myths and afflictions. The human life on this planet can become better only people are not afraid of knowing the truth. Otherwise, they can’t diagnose the disease and make the problem worse by using the wrong treatment.

(Credit – Gretchen Ortner)

Banned Books Are Don’t Relate to Modern Society

We are living in a digital world, where silencing the dissent is almost impossible. Banned and challenged books often have material which is readily available on the internet. Parents might ask the school’s libraries to remove an objectionable book from their shelves. But, how can they make sure that their kid is not accessing the same material from internet, social media and other resources? In the same manners, the governments who want their people to believe in ‘partial truth’ only can do so by increasing the banned books. But it is hard for them to bar access to such threatening material on social media and other digital platforms.

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