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Iceland Ad Banned for Political Reasons is Going Viral on Social Media

People want Iceland Ad that was banned for political reasons to go on air again. The ad was once Greenpeace short film Rang-tan. It had raised voice for the UK based supermarket Iceland which banned palm oil from its products due to environmental consequences.

Ban of the  Iceland Ad for Christmas

Iceland Ad that raises an awareness against deforestation has been banned for political reason. The commercial was created by Greenpeace and it remained on the organisation’s website for months. Later Iceland took permission from Greenpeace to use it for Christmas but UK Ad clearing body Clearcast denied permission considering some political reasons.

Iceland is the major UK supermarket that had stopped using palm oil from its products due to environmental damage resulting from its demand.

Iceland Foods also shared the ad on its social media account. The Twitter post said, “we want to share Rang-tan’s story with you, will you help us share the story.”

Social Media Petitions to Make Ad On Air

Iceland Ad for Christmas features the voice of Emma Thompson and it has a powerful animation and wording. The compelling visuals and the message that it conveys is indeed something worth the public’s attention. Therefore, social media users backed this ad and started a petition to make this ad on air.

It is a fact that social media is a hotbed of fake news but it also offers the strong platform to voices that need to be heard. Same, happened to Iceland Ad that went viral and had millions of views. According to reports, almost 500,000 people have signed petition to release the banned Iceland Christmas ad.

Support from Public Figures

Many notable personalities have also come forward in support of what is said to be a political ad. Jake Humphrey, James Cordon and Bill Bailey are few examples to name.

Bill Bailey shared this on Twitter by saying that he wanted to ad his voice.

In the time when United Nations Climate Change Report by IPCC has heralded a need to stop deforestation and conserve biodiversity, the rising voices for Iceland Ad shouldn’t come as surprise.

A reason why James Comey said that everyone should see this banned commercial.

Jake Humphrey also pointed towards how social media can help reaching a message to millions.

The banned Iceland Ad is not something first of its kind. Recently Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran khan’s minicry by Shafaat Ali  for a TV ad had also caused controversy.


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