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Basant Kite Festival 2019- Where to Celebrate in Pakistan?

Basant is a centuries-old Indo-Pak tradition, with kite flying its major event. The festival is a colorful way to welcome the vibrant spring season after gloomy winters. Just like previous years, folks are passionately waiting for Basant kite festival 2019 for a reason to have fun, But, unfortunately, citizens of Lahore, a city in Punjab, Pakistan famous for its heartiest celebrations will not be able to conduct any such event due to High Court’s ban.

Where to Celebrate Basant Kite Festival 2019 in Pakistan

It is sad to know that Lahore is not an option to celebrate Basant Kite Festival 2019. In 2007 Punjab government had banned the event after deaths caused by the use of metal strings were reported. A fresh blow of air came after reports emerged in December 2018 that government has uplifted the ban on kite flying in Lahore. But the happiness didn’t last long when Punjab government’s decision to revive Basant was challenged in Lahore High Court and consequently festival remained banned. Basant is to the people of Lahore as Pasadena Rose Bowl Parade on new year’s eve to the people of California.

What People Miss the Most?

Lahore sky filled with kites on a shiny spring day, atmosphere enriched with the aroma of delicious food and loud music playing on woofers, were all characteristics of this heartwarming festival.

Well, there are still plenty of places to celebrate Basant Kite Festival in Punjab, Pakistan.

Kite Flying Festival in Rawalpindi

Well, those who are looking to welcome spring in a traditional way not need to lose their heart as they have still got plenty of other options. Just have a look at Facebook and you will come across of so many Basant Kite Festival 2019 events taking place in Rawalpindi.

There is another Basant Gala in Bahria Town, Rawalpindi where folks can see kites taking to the skies. According to the Facebook event page, the festival will take place on March 2.

Festival In Faisalabad

Faisalabad, a city famous for its witty people never lags behind when it comes to having fun. While the Basant is banned in Lahore, Faisalabad along with Rawalpindi has come up with some exciting kite flying events on the eve of spring. Just do some Facebook search and you will find plenty of posts talking about celebration of Basant Kite Festival 2019.

Why There Should Be No Ban on Basant

Well, it is not sure whether all the above-mentioned evens will take place on the date mentioned. But, one thing is sure that people are strongly rooting for this festival. And, the simple argument is that you don’t destroy the roads or ban the vehicles due to increased traffic accidents, but come up with laws that help prevent these accidents.

Same is the case with Basant, the vibrant even shouldn’t be banned only because people’s carelessness and the string of some lethal material causes death.

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