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The Batman trailer Reveals Spectacular Alliance of Batman and Catwoman

Another brand new trailer of The Batman is released, revealing the alliance of Batman and Catwoman. But does this mean both DC characters are forming a relationship? Or they are only fighting companions in the journey towards defeating the villain, The Riddler, played by Paul Dano. The preview is merely a medium of foreshadowing the exciting parts of the upcoming film.

In this instalment of the film, the viewers will watch a new face, i.e. Robert Pattinson behind the Batman’s mask, a new villain other than the iconic Joker, and a seemingly romantic connection between the protagonists. Zoë Kravitz, the Catwoman, is another inspiring character for DC fans. Moreover, the film will be released on March 4, 2022, in theatres and will entertain HBO Max subscribers on April 19, 2022.

What do we know about Batman and Catwoman Relationship?

As per the movie’s trailer, both Batman and Catwoman share a moment when they look into each other’s eyes, which tells that there might be something romantically active between them. However, the preview doesn’t confirm it since the focus is on saving Gotham city from the horrors. Their alliance is also more like a contract to work side by side to get what both of them want. According to the assumptions after witnessing the Trailer, Bruce Wayne is exposed before the Riddler as he knows who is behind the mask. This is where the Catwoman comes in to be the protagonist’s acquaintance as he faces the crucial events due to the villain’s actions.

What does the Trailer Tell about the Plot?

After a long time, people might finally get a chance to watch the new Batman film since it has been delayed quite a few times. Now that the trailer and the release date are out, the fans can wait a little longer for the newest cast and storyline. The promo doesn’t give the details, but it sure tells that the film is promising in terms of action and thrill. In a few seconds, the trailer revealed that Batman and Catwoman would shake the whole city with their action. Also, viewers can see that the vehicle bat-mobile is also changed and looks advanced but still carrying its charisma, i.e. the black and the most dangerous car in the world. It seems fans will have to watch the movie to see what the fuss is all about.   

What is DC Planning with Batman and Catwoman?

Reportedly, there might be another DC film on Batman and Catwoman, as many people have been discussing the unofficial superhero couple. The fans have only seen the two in animated series and comics but not in the films together. At the beginning of the Batman era, the character was also being criticized for being with Robin, who seemed to be gay. Later, the concept changed, and now finally, trollers can stop mocking the hero for not being with a girl. But also, both characters were the controversial figure recently when DC removed Batman and Catwoman sex scene from the TV series. There has been no confirmation regarding other projects from DC, but people are assuming since introducing new characters and creating new films is something production houses are good at.

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