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Batman Robert Pattinson Reveals What Inspired Him to Become An Actor

Superheroes, movie characters, protagonists, and even animated characters sometimes become an inspiration for people. Fans become obsessed with the abilities of the heroes portrayed in the movies. The films like Batman and Superman have been depicting how fun it is to fight against criminals or save the planet from villains. Undoubtedly, many grownups would have put on the costumes of their favorite superheroes and fought their imaginary enemies in their childhood. One of the fan kids was the new batman Robert Pattinson, who is going to be in the upcoming Batman movie. He shared his childhood memories of wearing the costume and pretending to be the hero.

The Batman Robert Pattinson of the Childhood

Sometimes irony turns out to be positive in people’s lives. The same is the case with the new Batman Robert Pattinson who is about to replace other Batman actors including Christian Bale (Bruce Wayne), who was most famous of all due to his role in Batman: The Dark Knight. The Twilight actor, Robert shared that he used to dress up as Batman in his childhood and how he loved it.

At the screening of The Batman, the actor, while standing on the red carpet, said that “this is bizarre to me as what my childhood me would think of this”. He mentioned that all the past characters have been a huge part of my life and carrying such a legacy is a tough job to do. Also, those actors were the reason he chose the acting line in the first place. Pattinson then said that he used to wear Adam West costume when he was a kid.

About Upcoming Batman Film

As per the views of Batman Robert Pattinson, he was a hard-core fan of the entire Bat-movies and characters. For him, this version is going to be a bit different from the rest. The twilight protagonist was already known for supernatural roles and now he is going to be in a superhero film that has a gloomy plot. Matt Reeves, the director of the film said that the film is going to have multiple genres as it will be a psychological horror, serial killer, thriller, and a love story film. Lastly, the movie is to be released on March 1st globally.

Batman and Catwoman Romance

As per the trailer, the romantic side of the actor is also going to be an astonishing factor for fans. The Batman trailer revealed a spectacular alliance of Batman and Catwoman. This means that people are going to see intimacy, love, and action in a movie that is known for its dark plot. Also, speculations regarding DC’s new projects say that the Batman Robert Pattinson and Catwoman are going to have a whole other movie after the upcoming version of Bat-film.

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