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Bella Ciao- Here Is What People Are Doing with Italian Song of Resistance

If you have watched Netflix’s action-packed series La Casa de Papel or Money Heist then there is no way for  you to not get curious about “Bella Ciao”. Even those who haven’t watched this Spanish drama on Netflix must have heard about this song.

Bella Ciao which literally translates to goodbye beautiful is an Italian folk song which was a famous anthem during Italian resistance against then Nazi regime during World War II. The song later became popular among different movements as a symbol of resistance.

In the case of Money Heist season, 4 Bella Ciao is sung between Berlin and his brother professor on the night before they execute the Heist at Royal Mint of Spain.

The globally acclaimed Money Heist has released its fourth season during coronavirus pandemic. The show was already popular among Netflix viewers all over the world but it grabbed more interest during the  coronavirus lockdown when everyone is at home.

It is the time when people out of boredom are  doing stuff like Dalgona coffee challenge and hence no wonders why they are trying to be creative with Bella Ciao.

Fans’ Versions of Italian Song Bella Ciao

Well, It is not only for Money Heist that Bella Ciao is popular. The song is here from the days of World War II. Till now it has already been translated into so many languages since people from different nations have used it in their respective resistence movements to get inspiration. However, since Money Heist and also due to the time of social media fans are churning out more of its versions.

Soroz Version

khawand bakhsh artist from Dera Bugti from Balochistan Pakistan mesmerized the Bella Ciao’s fans by presenting his own version played on beautiful Balochi musical instrument Soroz.

Rubab and Violin version

Patari-Pakistan’s largest local music streaming platform took the Money Heist famed song Bella Ciao to the next level. The platform prepared the musical instrument Rubab and violin version of the song by Leo Twins and fans are just cheering this version.

Punjabi Food Version

A Punjabi Bella Ciao fan presented a Punjab toned version with lyrics and it is a quite hilarious version

Tabla Version

No one means no one could have imagined a Tabla version of Bella Ciao but a fan shared a video of his performing this Italian song on Tabla (an instrument played during classic music and which is popular in sub-continent).

Coronavirus Stay at Home Version

One of the fans has spread the message of coronavirus precaution in a lyrical video prepared on the tone of Bella Ciao song. There couldn’t have been better use of this tune since it is much needed in these days.

Piano Version

Indian actor, singer, and television host Ayushmann Khurrana shared the piano version on social media. The actor has an uncanny resemblance with Money Heist character Professor and he wanted to play that role. Well, in Indo-Pak many actors seem strong contenders of this character. As in Pakistan veteran actor, Adnan Siddique can be a choice for Professor.

Indian television host, anchor and actor Manish Paul also shared the piano version of Bella Ciao During the quarantine.

Multi-Instrument Version

Music Director and Singer Raghav Sachar presented a multi-instrument version of the Bella Ciao song.

Tribute to Fire Fighters

Football player Andrew De Cesare paid tribute to British firefighters by singing Bella Ciao in solidarity with those in Italy.

Tagalog Version

One of Bella Ciao fans shared a sance tutorial for the tagalog version on TikTok

Violin Version

Here is the violin version of this song

Saxophone Version

  It seems that there is no end to people experimenting with different musical instruments to present this song in a unique way.

Thala version

DJ presented a Manu Pilas remix thala version video

Remix Version

And here is this Opera form. Well, it was the most wanted version the reason is the song does tell a story; the story of being courageous against resistence.

Mouth Organ version

Many fans have shared the sad mouth organ version that is played on the funeral of Nairobi by Helsinki.

Actress Mampho Brescia also sung a Bella ciao song on guitar tone

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