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Reactions on Bella Hadid Instagram Story about Palestinian Heritage

Recently, supermodel Bella Hadid slammed Instagram for deleting her post showing her Palestinian heritage. She posted an image of her father’s passport (with a blurred out number) that showed his birthplace as Palestine. Instagram removed the picture by tagging it as against its community guidelines. Bella did not buy that and made a couple more stories to call out the social media giant.

The shown passport was expired and Bella focused on the message she was giving to her fans how proud she was of her Palestinian heritage. She accused Instagram of deleting the story based on that particular detail. Instagram apologized by saying that it made a mistake by removing the passport without checking if the number was properly blurred out. They added that they did not allow photos of passports on Instagram for security reasons.

No Reason To Delete Story On Bella Hadid Instagram

Facebook owned Platform has been criticized a lot of times for taking down people’s posts without providing sufficient details about the violation of guidelines. Here is her deleted story and the one after Instagram sent her a violation notice.

She addressed Instagram and said that they deleted her photo unfairly due to her father’s birthplace on an American passport. She did not understand how a blurred out passport could violate the terms of Instagram.

She added this post did not qualify to be removed from the platform like many other atrocious posts people put there. In fact, she alleged that it was Instagram who did bullying and harassment by deleting her harmless story.  She argued that Instagram could be supporting the ongoing ethnic clearance of Palestinians by Israelites.

Some users found out that Instagram did not remove images that were religiously offensive. Therefore, it does sound fishy to remove the content of someone belonging to the same religion with a highly inoffensive post.

Is There Any Political Controversy Involved?

There is a long history of elitists tormenting and oppressing the weaker territories until they give in. Palestine is the not first, Israel has already annexed several areas of West-Bank, the Golan Heights, and The Gaza strip. It is accused of countless military operations in the country to destabilize the political and social movements

This user nodded to the controversial annexation of Palestine by Israel. She connected the dots and concluded that forces against Palestine were working to erase it from existence.

One user stated that Bella Hadid Instagram story got deleted because those evil forces were not happy that after making Palestine suffer so much, how it was still not theirs? They couldn’t stand the vision of a Palestinian being proud of his heritage

Only Bella Hadid Speaking For Palestine Issue

There are only a handful of public figures who are speaking for the rights of Palestinians. Bella is one of them and she has gained immense support from the group that has lost hope infamous people ever raising their voice for this sensitive issue.

Another user appreciated Bella for speaking against the Israelite cruelty. She is doing it fearlessly and openly without having to fear about anything that may happen to her. Major part of the Muslim world was furious when Jerusalem was made the capital of Israel which was a half Palestinian city. And now Israel is planning to take the whole city.
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