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Ben Affleck to Not Play Caped Crusader in The Batman Anymore

Ben Affleck has stepped down from the role of the Caped Crusader in upcoming The Batman film, The Suicide Squad. The film is likely to hit cinemas on June 25 of 2021.

Ben Affleck Out of the Batman

Speculations about the possible exit of Ben Affleck were brewing from the last couple of months after the rumors surfaced that actor was not willing to play the role of Dark Knight. Now, an online publication the Deadline reported that Affleck was leaving the Batman for his was not right for the particular version of director Matt Reeves.

Affleck had reportedly worked hard to co-write the script of next the Batman in collaboration with DC’s Geoff Johns; he was also in for co-directing the film but now it seems that he is out from the series in every capacity.

Fans Reaction Over Affleck’s Exit from The Batman

Fans were so sad to find that their favorite actor was not playing the caped crusader anymore. But, as this fan has pointed out the remarks of Matt Reeves, that Batman was an icon and it could be anybody.

For many people Affleck was the Batman forever.

Contrary to the sad departure of Affleck, folks are also hopeful that Matt Reeves’ version will bring something new to the screen.

What Is Affleck Upto Now?

While Affleck’s fans may not be lucky enough to see him in the role of The Batman anymore, the actor has got plenty of mega projects in his hand. He is reportedly working in I am Still Alive, the upcoming Universal’s screen adoption of Kate Alice Marshall novel. The actor is also working on Warner Bros’ Torrance. So, there is nothing much to worry about for Ben’s fans.

Who Is Replacing Ben Affleck in The Batman

The reports that Ben Affleck has stepped down from The Batman has indeed put an end to several rumors. It has now given rise to speculations about who is next going to play the role of Wyne Bruce’s younger version as it may seem to be the vision of director Matt Reeves.

The film’s release more than two years away and we are yet to know who will be the next Batman.

But they don’t seem to get over the older and tired Wyne Bruce. How the new story will unfold and how DC fans will get along with new Batman is a matter of future.

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