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Ben Stokes Bashes The Sun For Publishing Personal News

Ben Stokes, one of England’s most loved and adored cricketer expressed his anger over an article published in The SUN that contained information regarding a family tragedy that occurred 31 years ago before his birth.

What Has Ben Stokes So Rattled Up

The article published contained information regarding the tragic death of his half brother and sister. According to the publication, Ben stokes mother had two children from her first marriage named Tracey and Andrew. The couple split a few years down the line and Ben’s mother Deb then started dating his father Gerard stokes who was a football coach.

Tracy and Andrew would still meet there father Debs Ex Richard Dunn who one day found out that she was seeing someone else. One day just like any other routine visit Richard out of pure jealousy shot and killed Tracy, who was eight and Andrew, who was four at the time. After killing them, he took the gun a killed himself.

His Birth Gave His Mother A Chance To Live A Normal Life

Her mother has been struggling with their deaths ever since. Ben’s mother, while she was still mourning the loss of his siblings, discovered that she was pregnant with him. This gave her the power to gather herself together again and fight to restart a normal life

Even though this incident has never been hidden from the public, the cricketer prefers not to talk about it and preferred to keep it on the down-low. While responding to the Sun’s article, the cricketer expressed great anger over the publication of this tragedy and called the article” the lowest form of journalism.”

Public’s Reaction

Stokes is considered to be one of England’s finest players who has lead England to major victories just recently under his captaincy the team won both the ashes and the world cup. So for him to get disrespected in such a manner is nothing short of an insult for every cricket lover.

For other, The Sun’s action raise an excellent question regarding press freedom.

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