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Why does Benjamin Netanyahu think that it’s Easy to Fool America?

Media outlets have resurfaced a leaked video of Benjamin Netanyahu from 2001. In that video, the Israeli prime minister talked in Hebrew with what looked like a family. The video also included subtitles that transcribed the conversation in English. It seemed like that Netanyahu was bragging about his plans to launch attacks on Palestinian Authority (PA) and manipulate the US to stand by his side.

Many world leaders have shockingly downplayed the importance of this leaked video throughout the years. Although some were doubtful that it could be fabricated, several resources on the internet published a similar video transcript.

The video has resurfaced during another series of violent attacks by Israeli forces on Palestinians and retaliatory militant attacks from Palestinian freedom fighters, Hamas.

Is this Video of Benjamin Netanyahu Real?

The leaked video of Netanyahu was recorded in 2001 during the series of guerilla force attacks and suicide bombings on Israeli occupation forces and settlements. He was taking a break from politics but went to visit widows of the Israelis killed in the violence.

While talking to the media, he bragged about his plot to attack Palestinians painfully and break Oslo Accords to retaliate for those widows. Netanyahu instructed the recording to be turned off during that conversation due to confidentiality. However, the video continued as he went on about the role of the US in his strategy.

According to Dena Shruna’s translation of the video, the subtitles seemed accurate for the Hebrew spoken by the Israeli leader.

Why the US Follows Israeli Narrative?

The women in the video who were listening to him were worried about what the world would think. Netanyahu expressed confidence that the world thinks what the US wants them to think so all he had to do was win the US. He was also confident in winning over the US because he claimed that he knew how to move the US in the direction he wants.

To prove his point, he boasted about how he broke Oslo Accords by using the US for his agenda. Oslo accords were the first peace agreement between Israel and Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) signed in 1993 in the US. They were based on United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolutions 242 and 338, giving Palestinian people the right to self-determination. However, according to the leaked video, it turned out that Netanyahu dodged Oslo Accords as well.

Did the US help Netanyahu to Deprive Palestinians of their Legal Rights?

Netanyahu explained in the video how he used scare tactics to press Palestinians into thinking that everything around them is collapsing. He proclaimed multiple times that he will hurt Palestinians so badly that the price would be too great for them to bear.

He said that it was absurd how 80% of the Americans support the Israeli agenda and sounded confident that he could achieve any motif with that kind of support. The same thing happened and all the compromises had to be faced by Palestinians while Israel easily expanded its occupancies.

He also reminded about how he Clashed with the Clinton administration, which was Pro-Palestine. Bill Clinton presented guidelines called The Clinton Parameters to solve the Palestinian issue. According to Clinton Parameters, around 95% of the land across the West Bank and Gaza belonged to Palestinians. Benjamin Netanyahu was proudly exclaiming in the video how he maneuvered his way out of that.

How Benjamin Netanyahu Manipulated Oslo Accords?

Originally, the Oslo Accords stated that Israel would have to gradually return occupied territories to the Palestinians. However, another clause in the agreement stated that those territories with settlements of military sites could not be returned. Here Netanyahu found a loophole because Oslo Accords failed to define what were the military sites. He claimed that he and Yasser Arafat received a letter advising that only Israel can define what military sites were.

He found this to be in his favor so he verbally established that military sites were security zones. Further, he defined Jordan Valley as a military site as well, which Israel has been trying to annex with the help of the 2020 Peace Plan by ex-POTUS Donald Trump. More than 65,000 indigenous Palestinians live there along with about 11,000 illegal Israeli settlers.

He publicly praised Palestinians and Oslo Accords but in the leaked video, he admitted to playing tricks with whoever stood in his way. He strategically broke the Oslo Accords by propagating that it was Palestine’s fault that Oslo Accords were not solving the problem while creating the problems himself.

Benjamin Netanyahu has always carried his agenda successfully by deceit, using the US, tricking Palestinians, and misleading the entire world. Here is the leaked video of a man who thinks that America is in his pockets so he can achieve anything he wants:

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