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The Bermuda Triangle Mystery Solved

The Bermuda Triangle mystery has finally solved with a plausible explanation. The Bermuda Triangle history is full of events with dozens of airplanes and ships disappearing into the sea.

This mystical area was put under the microscope by using satellite imagery obtained from NASA satellites. Some of the clouds in these regions stretch for as long as 20 to 55 miles. There are large wind waves within these clouds, reaching up to 45 feet high. The clouds also have straight edges.

The space between the hexagonal shapes acts as air bombs. These air bombs are responsible for causing microbursts. The air comes down hard onto the ocean, sometimes causing the clouds to interact with the ocean waves. Any ship or airplane caught between these windy storms becomes a mystery.

The Legacy of the Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle history goes back to its discovery back in 1505 by Juan de Bermudez. Sir George Somers went abroad by setting sail having a fleet of nine vessels. The fleet got caught in the storm. Sir George Somers and his crew deliberately diverted their crew to reefs in the East. The survivors of the crew spent around ten months in Bermuda. Most of the crew could not survive the harsh conditions, and only a few could make it out from there alive.

The Theories Behind the Bermuda Triangle

There are several theories about this tricky place. However, let us have a look at some of the more commonly considered reasons for these mysteries disappearances.

Magnetic Fields

One theory suggests the presence of high magnetic fields under the sea. These fields attract anything metallic towards them, responsible for sinking many airplanes and hundreds of ships. These magnetic fields have no scientific basis to prove the presence of any such spheres.

Lost the Way and Out of Fuel

Another popular and a bit plausible theory is captains of the ships losing their way. Since a lot of the islands look too similar, the captains keep finding their way. However, they soon get short of fuel and cannot find help anywhere, resulting in a catastrophe.

Weather and Hurricanes

The current solution to the triangle also suggests the somewhat similar phenomenon. The stormy weather in the middle of the sea has been responsible for a loss of hundreds of ships. Therefore, this theory closely resembles the actual state of affairs. Many of the Bermuda Triangle stories talk about the wild sea storms.

Some Facts About the Infamous Bermuda Triangle

Let us have a look at the facts relating to this strange place.

  • The triangle is spread over 440,000 miles of vast sea.
  • There is not a land area, and the dangers can sometimes lie outside the triangle.
  • A lot of the stories refer to alien activity or UFOs.
  • The ships or aeroplanes disappearing have no found traces or debris.
  • The place has claimed over 1000 lives during the last 100 years.
  • In Andros Island within this region, the US tests its sonar, submarines, and sea warfare weapons.
  • Some people have also experienced an electronic fog, resulting in rewinding back of the time.

New Island in the Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle Mystery SolvedThere also emerged a new island in the Bermuda Triangle waters. The new island has appeared near the coast in North Carolina. The earth’s surface has remained undetected for a long time. The width of the new island is around 400 feet.

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