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Celebrities React to Bernie Sanders Exit from Presidential Race

Bernie Sanders entered the US 2020 election campaign with high recognition and an army of supporters. With his ideology of democratic socialism, he soon became a popular choice among many progressive Americans. His momentum gradually began to decrease after the South Carolina primary on 29th February. The African-American community voted for Biden in large numbers.  

The socialist ideology of Sanders did not work on most American people. The complex democracy of the US has only hurt America more than they realize. And now, it has forced Sanders to quit the 2020 elections while the country is still under a guy who makes jokes better than policies.

Bernie Sanders Announces His Suspension From The 2020 Election

Bernie Sanders announced his suspension from the presidential campaign on 8th April. His supporters wanted him to stay and fight for the movement named, Not Me Us; which stands for social and economic equality. It inspired many democratic socialists across the US to compete for the office. 

It started a revolution in the US that is seemingly not going so well. Bernie wanted to show people what they had done to society. He truly believed that the system could be transformed into the one that cares about all the people. This is apparently impossible in America because for that the US democracy needs to socialist. And, the only socialist leader in the race announced that he was suspending his campaign, so well done, America!.

Sanders and his extremist supporters frequently get derailed by The Democratic National Committee (DNC) of America which usually favors Republican system with their unusual decisions. Bernie supporters still call for vote via email, it might help him secure a position at the table.

Shocking Reactions From People

It was very saddening for the community to watch this happen. However as expected, it was also funny for some people to see Bernie lose eventually.

There were also few who discussed the possibility of Sanders sucking all the money from people in the form of donations and then taking off. Bernie Sanders was accused of buying three vacation homes from the money he collected from all his campaign donations over the years.

If these are the Americans then how can Bernie be safe as a president? Good riddance, he left. They deserve someone like Trump or the accused pedophile, Joe Biden. This country is a classic case of Stockholm syndrome.

Celebrities Reacting on Bernie Sanders Exit

Sanders has a wide range of supporters that also include Hollywood stars. All of them kept him in high regard and are very sad due to his campaign suspension. It is alarming because his departure is harmful for the work he was doing. Even if he comes back, it would be impossible to bring him up to speed with the current winning candidate, Joe Biden.

Explicit American rapper Cardi B shared a live video feed of intense reaction on Bernie’s sad exit.

The Rockstar Guitarist of Pink Floyd, Roger Waters has a truly important message for all the people who think Bernie’s ideology is wrong. He clearly seems devastated, not just by Bernie’s exit, but mainly due to the way most American people behave.

Sharon Stone also feels inspired by the Bernie’s two decades of struggle is the complex US democracy

Madonna is always outspoken and here she is roasting Donald Trump for leading Americans to the very top of the pandemic’s greatest hits.

It is unlike Bernie because his ideology included Free Medicare For All (M4ALL) which is much more humane than the current republican system that only cares about the rich.

Mark Ruffalo who played Hulk in Marvel Avengers Series, appreciated Bernie for standing for the people who do all the heavy lifting for the rich.

Supporters of Bernie React on Social Media

Peter Daou, who was the biggest critic of Sanders in 2016 also had to admit the importance Sander’s policies like Free MediCare for All, living wage for all, and free public college for all.

This was the situation for many Bernie supporters after hearing the news of suspension

Some were so frustrated that could have gone this far:

Many others thought that Bernie was completely gone after the suspension news. Then they were assured that Bernie was only out of the presidential race but there wasstill a chance. Bernie supporters all over the world are still encouraging people to not go anywhere, stay and fight, whereas Bernie himself could not stay and fight.

Whatever Bernie thought before deciding to quit does not matter to some people as they have decided to take it from here.

This collective fight is backed by strong political representatives who are drawn towards the socialist ideals of Bernie Sanders. He wanted Americans to care about those who were left behind in the chaos created by the capitalist regime that only favors the rich. The country is in deep trouble when the leaders keep referring to their lower class citizens as ‘poor people’ without exhibiting an ounce of compassion. The ricochet effect contaminates the minds of other rich citizens and thus compassion is totally eliminated from the society.

So Bernie Was Right All Along

When a president openly disregards socialism and a room full of people claps then it only proves that Bernie was right all along.

He kept fighting this long because he truly believed it was an important thing to do for this country unlike most Americans, who just sit on their worthless back and criticize people for working. Bernie refers to Trump as the most dangerous president in the history of America but the citizens are not capable of understanding.

Despite the pressure from the authorities, Bernie’s supporters will continue their struggle to make democracy favorable for working class people. It was not the right time for a leader like him to lead this cruel nation. They would have burnt him at the stake. It will take a hell of a lot of time to work on the minds and hearts of the majority of Americans before they deserve someone like Bernie Sanders. They are truly blind from these important organs, and rely on the less important organs like eyes, ears, and nose.

As this friend from Mexico tweeted, it is America’s loss. However, Bernie has not given up and hopes that his supporters don’t give up as well.

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