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Top 3 Reasons India Shouldn’t Oppose CPEC

Well, if you are wondering why it is not super intelligent opposing CPEC by India, you are not alone. Any business minded smart leader can tell why it is not the best thing ever.

Here are our top five reasons India should join CPEC and stop opposing it.

You Cannot Change Your Neighbours

Whether India’s leadership likes it or not. Fortunately, or unfortunately, you cannot change your neighbors. This is not just true for ordinary people, the same applies to countries. Opposition must realize, sooner rather than later, CPEC is something that will happen whether it likes it or not. But, the million Indian rupees’ question is that would India make intelligent decision and get away from that madness. Similarly, it also needs to revisit its policy in Kashmir as in this age of social media, no internet blockage, army and resources can stop someone from getting their say out to the rest of the world.

Pakistan Is Moving Forward So Should India

Pakistan is moving forward. Don’t believe us, see the statistics related to trade, terrorism and other economic indicators. Technology enabled young educated youth is already realizing its true potential. Internet and smartphones have already started making an impact. Small startups are becoming big companies in years if not months. Seed capital investors also taking keen interesting in Pakistan. However, if India choses to remain in denial mode, no one can do anything about it. But if it has to see some real growth, it must realize the potential it has not only for Pakistan but also for India.

China, India, and Pakistan Can Do Business Wonders

China, India, and Pakistan Can Do Business Wonders

Well, the western world can unite with two dozen countries bracing themselves after so much happened in the World War I and World War II. Fortunately, and hopefully, we will never see such scale of wars which took place there. India is one of the biggest economies of the world. China is world’s largest or second largest economy (whatever you believe in). But if India and China can increase trade, it would be beneficial for the entire region.

The sooner India realizes that by denying Pakistan’s right to progress and prosperity the more time it will take Pakistan and China to accept it as a partner to CPEC.

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