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The Best Coronavirus Preventive Measures that Everyone Must Adopt

The deadly virus that has been petrifying the whole world, currently has no workable vaccine. Finding the best coronavirus preventive measures is our only option to stay safe. There is so much chaos and terror around the world that it is hard to listen to a particular voice.

That is why it is critical to list down the preventive measures we need to take during this pandemic.

Best Coronavirus Preventive Measures To Protect Yourself

  • Washing Hands

Understandably, washing hands is one of the best coronavirus preventive measures as it is water’s job to clean stuff. Use it with soap and rinse for 20 seconds after being in a public place, and after coughing and sneezing.

It is also advised to use a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol if water and soap are unavailable. The aim is to keep rubbing the applied sanitizer until it is completely dry. It is best to avoid touching mouth, eyes, and nose until hands are washed.

  • Staying Home & Social Distancing

Also avoid physical contact and maintain safe distance if COVID-19 is active in your area. It can travel from person-to-person in an instant, so public is highly advised by authorities to practice social distancing.

People need to practice staying at home and social distancing until the pandemic is completely over from the area. It is not only about the coronavirus but any other contagious symptom like flu, and cough can be problematic. When someone coughs or sneezes, a nearby person can unintentionally inhale the droplets that may contain the virus.

To encourage social distancing during the pandemic, countries implemented the best coronavirus preventive measures like working from home, and students attending classes online.

  • Disinfect Belongings

It is wise to dust of clothes, bags, and other handheld items before relaxing on a sofa. Also use a suitable disinfectant on mobile phone because it is also vulnerable to contain virus.

Always Make Sure to Protect Others Too

If a person becomes sick with coronavirus, it is advised to immediately seek medical attention. Always cover your nose and mouth by wearing a proper protective mask.

  • Self-Isolation

It is a tough decision for people who are already infected with the virus and are sick. They need to keep themselves isolated as long as they are sick and make sure no one comes near them unprotected.

  • Quarantine

It is for the people who are suspected but not yet affected by the virus. A suspected person can be the one who just came in contact with an infected person. For such people, it is advised to stay in quarantine for at least 14 days and observe if symptoms begin to develop. Sometimes the person can be fine in couple of days and other times, it is possible to contract virus eventually.

COVID-19 Myth Busting

People need to avoid listening to this misinformation spread by mischievous sources such as COVID-19 only spreads in cold areas. It is false, COVID-19 is perfectly capable of spreading in ALL AREAS regardless of the climate.

People also think that coronavirus can be killed with things such as hand dryer, mosquito lamps, spraying alcohol on body, and taking a hot bath. All these claims are proven to be false by health professionals. COVID-19 cannot be killed but it can be prevented by taking best coronavirus preventive measures. For an ease of mind, a simple coronavirus test can never hurt.

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