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Which is the Best Fighter Jet In the World Today

Experts evaluate the best fighter jet on the basis of the factors like maneuverability, precision weapons, and integration of technology, speed, and agility. Fighter pilots who fly aircraft can also tell about the best fighter jet in the light of their experience. Another factor that demonstrates the most favorable fighter jets is the performance on the battlefield.

Currently, the F-22 Raptor is perceived to be technologically advanced aircraft. In term of performance, USA F-15 is also considered as the best fighter jet of the present time.

The Best Fighter Aircraft in the world

Here is a list of the famous fighter jets in the world that nations have used or plan to use in future for an air combat.

  1. F-22 Raptor USA
  2. Lockheed Martin F-35
  3. Chengdu J-20 China
  4. Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet
  5. Eurofighter Typhoon
  6. Dassault Rafale
  7. Sukhoi-Su 35
  8. F-15 Eagle
  9. MiG-31
  10. F-16 Fighting Falcon
  11. JF-17 Thunder

Best Fighter Jet in the World

Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor is a prominent aircraft. It is the only 5th generation fighter jet which is operational. It might be considered as the best fighter jet for being the most advanced as well as expensive aircraft. But, these facts don’t make it surpass the list of fighter jets that includes the likes of F-15 Eagle.

Other modern aircraft in the list of the best fighter jets are Sukhoi T-50 and Shenyang J-31. Available information suggests that Russia also considers its T-50 to be one of the efficient fighter jets, as they are advanced and cheaper than American 5th generation jets. Well, it is not possible to rule the supremacy of specific aircraft merely by claims of the home country.

For this purpose, one can turn to industry experts and the combat statistics.

According to an ace fighter Chuck Yeager, F-22 is just a waste of money.

So, being expensive and advanced doesn’t make an aircraft the best.

F-15 Eagles

F-15 eagle is another prominent aircraft. It is famous for being the most successful fighter jet for cold war era and has a record of 100 kills. The tech-powered air-craft also can perform in the enemy’s airspace with the help of advanced equipment that helps in navigation and detection. F-15 has served the US army for more than 30 years, and it is likely to remain in service for next seven to eight years.

One can say that F-15 Eagle has remained the best fighter jet in the world.

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